Anti-counterfeit solution

Automatically find and remove counterfeits to protect your customers and profits

How does our anti-counterfeit technology work


Identify counterfeit listings across marketplaces 24/7


Automatically enforce against counterfeits or review detections and decide


See the impact of your anti-counterfeit strategy


Bot-powered search

Anti counterfeit software scans marketplaces and websites for potential counterfeits every hour

Photo analysis

Image recognition and anti-counterfeit technology scans photos to identify trademark and patent abuse

Self-improving detection

Machine learning suggests new rules and keyword opportunities


Automation rules

Set up rules that instantly start the enforcement process for counterfeits

Validation cards

Our anti counterfeit solution uses image cards to validate, pause or discard detected incidents

High-risk shortlist

Prioritize which potential infringements require your attention


Economic impact

Review how much revenue you are recovering with our anti-counterfeit solution

Output reports

Measure the impact of your actions through different report templates

Data extraction

Use data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API

Where we protect your brand


Take down fake accounts and posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more


Find stand-alone sites hurting your brand and take them down with our unique approach


Detect and claim domains using your trademark to divert traffic from your official channels

What expect from an anti-counterfeit solution

Anti-counterfeit efforts can be an expensive and resource-intensive task for companies of all sizes. 1,300+ brands use Red Points’ anti-counterfeit solution because it provides:

Real-time protection

Avoid surprises with always-on anti-counterfeit coverage. Detect and remove 24/7

Industry experts

Access our world-class team of IP experts that know your industry inside out

Transparent pricing

Good-bye analyst hours, hello flat fees. We don’t leave any infringement unchecked

The most trusted anti-counterfeit solution

"They provide us with a really useful portal to use and a great team to support our day-to-day business… And, most importantly, they have the most cutting-edge technology in the market.”


In counterfeits removed

Wei Zhang,
Senior Counsel Brand Protection at PUMA

“We see Red Points as an extension of our in-house counsel team, and we feel in safe hands”


Enforcement success rate

Nicole Klug
Global Brand Protection Manager at Hugo Boss

"Red Points has enabled us to take out just under a quarter of a million fake games out of the market."


Total units removed

Pete Fenlon,

“We tried to handle the situation internally, with the support of external law firms around the world, but because of the high number of fakes, it was impossible and very expensive for us to continue in that way.”


Listings removed

Marta Benedetto,
General Manager at FILA Italy

“We managed to restore our customers' trust by taking down 22,000 listings while removing over $2.5 million worth of counterfeits.”


In counterfeits removed

Evan Feldstein,
Vice General Manager and General Counsel at FOREO


What are anti-counterfeit protection measures?

Brands can take anti-counterfeit protection measures to protect their intellectual property (IP) from counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and infringements of other types of IP, such as patents, design rights, and color marks, and trade dress.

Specific counterfeit detection measures can include leveraging an anti-counterfeit solution such as Red Points to automatically find, track, and remove counterfeit listings and sellers online.

How do you protect from counterfeiting?

In order to protect your brand, the first step you should take if you find counterfeits of your product online is to take them down. The enforcement process will vary depending on where the infringement occurred.

Typically, e-commerce platforms and social media networks are aware of the problem and support the enforcement process. However, knowing how to proceed on which platform allows you to act quickly and efficiently. With this in mind, doing the counterfeit detection and enforcement process manually can be extremely time-consuming. Red Points’ counterfeit detection system automates the monitoring and enforcing process of your IP globally. This efficient anti-counterfeit software technology significantly streamlines the process of protecting your brand.

What is anti-counterfeit software?

Anti-counterfeit software overcomes the shortfalls of manual counterfeit detection and enforcement by applying bots, and image recognition technology to scan photos and identify infringement. Red Points’ anti-counterfeiting protection software uses the most advanced tools to automatically detect IP infringements around the clock and across marketplaces. Cases are ranked by risk level to tackle the most harmful malefactors first.

How do I report a counterfeit product?

Reporting a counterfeit product is an essential step in getting illegal product listing taken down so that it can no longer defraud consumers and steal your revenue. 

The process for reporting a counterfeit product will vary depending on the site on which it has been listed. If the counterfeit product was on an ecommerce marketplace or social media platform, it’s likely the site will already have a counterfeit reporting form. Fill out the information and provide links to the counterfeit product when you fill out this form. 

For counterfeits found on personal websites or sites without reporting forms, you will have to write and send a Cease and Desist letter. This serves as a formal notice to the seller that they are infringing upon your intellectual property and that inaction will result in legal issues. 

If your brand is facing large-scale counterfeiting issues, manually reporting each infringement is likely far too time-consuming and not feasible. Red Points’ anti-counterfeit solution allows you to easily take down infringements automatically.

What products are commonly counterfeited?

These days, just about any product can be cheaply recreated and sold as a counterfeit item. No matter what kind of products you sell, from clothing to art prints, there is a good chance your business will end up the target of counterfeiters.

Every business and creator needs to use anti-counterfeit software to monitor their products to ensure they haven’t been counterfeited. That being said, there are industries that are most commonly counterfeited, including electronics, software, clothing, shoes, and accessories. These products are generally easy to make cheap replicas of to sell as counterfeits. 

If your business sells items in any of these categories, it is especially important that you protect your products and customers from counterfeits. An anti-counterfeit solution can help streamline the detection and enforcement process of IP infringement of your products across the internet 24/7.

How do I find out if someone is selling counterfeit products?

Scammers can use just about any marketplace or social media platform to rip off your brand and sell counterfeit products. Without an automated anti-counterfeit solution or technology you will have to run extensive searches across various channels on the internet to know whether someone is selling counterfeits of your products. Otherwise, you are bound to miss counterfeits on the platforms you don’t search. 

There are various ways you can search for counterfeits online, depending on the platform you are searching for. On social media, for example, you can search hashtags directly related to your brand and products. On marketplaces, search your product keywords and take a look at the listings in your industry. 

Of course, not all counterfeit products will be easily found. There are many scammers who create fake websites to sell counterfeit products under the radar. To identify counterfeit products on fake websites you need to implement anti-counterfeiting measures like a counterfeit detection system and run regular domain searches for sites that are similar to your domain.  

Keeping a constant monitor for counterfeit products across these various channels is essential to protect your brand, but it is also extremely time-consuming. Utilizing anti-counterfeit software technology like Red Points automates the process and protects your brand all while you run your business.

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