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Common mobile app infringements

Mobile app infringements are a growing problem that affects thousands of brands across a number of platforms in various ways:

Unauthorized mobile apps

impersonating your brand hosted on legitimate app stores and third-party sites

Fake apps

or malware apps created to steal user credentials for malicious purposes

Fraudulent mobile apps

leveraging your trademark or copyrighted content to deceive shoppers

Stop fraudulent apps from hurting your brand

As mobile apps grow in popularity, they attract a flood of imposters who lure users into their fake apps

Missing out
on revenue

Income losses can be significant when fraud apps redirect payments to illegal sites

Stolen customer

Data breaches happen through stolen credentials, login info, or private data

Damaged brand

User perception is distorted and negative reviews propagate

We protect your mobile apps and brand on official and non-official app stores

How Red Points mobile app brand protection works

Red Points has developed a unique mobile app store monitoring workflow to identify and enforce fraudulent apps in 3 main steps:


Identify potential infringements across app stores

· Our bots crawl official and third-party app stores every day
· Machine learning makes the search more accurate every time


Instantly start the enforcement process for fake apps to protect your brand

· Our AI identifies what mobile apps infringe your intellectual property, copyrights, or code
· The system requests takedowns automatically


See the impact of your mobile app brand protection and monitoring actions

· Get performance dashboards and reports
· Calculate the economic impact of your actions

Get more results with Red Points’ brand protection for mobile apps


app stores covered


average enforcement rate

1.5 days

average takedown time


Can an app be copyrighted?

Technically, yes. If an app is seen as a way to express yourself, it can usually be protected by copyright laws. This means that if a person makes something unique, like a game, a calculator, or a design for a computer program, it should be protected by copyright law. 

Other forms of patent protection could also give more security. Every app’s circumstance is unique, but fortunately, there are resources available to alert developers to the implications of this legal coverage.

Can you report an app?

Yes. Whether you’ve found a pesky app that constantly sends inaccurate notifications or you’re just trying to get an app removed from the app store due to copyright or trademark infringement, reporting an app is relatively simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is locate and research the right source, provide enough relevant information on why you’re making an application report, and wait for your request to be processed by professionals.

The process may seem daunting at first, but once you’ve located the responsible governing body and satisfied all their reporting conditions, you can rest assured knowing that your efforts will contribute towards a healthier and better-managed app ecosystem for everybody.

Can you get sued for an app?

With smartphones and tablets rapidly becoming the norm, more and more people are creating their own apps in hopes of making some extra cash. But with app development comes a whole host of potential legal issues that could lead to serious lawsuits. 

Aside from app copyright and trademark infringement and intellectual property theft, there’s also the risk of being sued due to misleading app descriptions, faulty coding, or user privacy violations.

In some cases, users and brands may bring a defamation case against an app creator if content – either malicious or innocent – is published under the creator’s name. 

The only way to safeguard your mobile app, trademark, and brand against potential legal action is to thoroughly research local and global laws for any regulations related to the types of apps you’re going to create. 

Having a clear understanding of acceptable business practices will ensure that your mobile apps and brand remain legally compliant and avoid litigation from disgruntled customers.

How can I legally protect my apps?

Mobile app brand protection and monitoring is an important necessity in today’s increasingly competitive digital market. Fortunately, there are a few methods of legally protecting the hard work you’ve put into your apps. 

Acquiring a patent provides the most robust mobile app trademark protection, as it allows you to take legal action against anyone who might infringe upon your creation. If your mobile app contains intellectual property such as artwork or logos, getting that copyright or trademark registered is also essential in safeguarding it.

Additionally, if you are worried about someone stealing and distributing your app source code, you could always look into trade secrets and keep that information confidential. 

All of this ensures your work can’t be reproduced without proper authorization. It’s truly worth taking the effort to ensure the security and brand protection of your invaluable apps!

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