Seller Tracking

Monitor sellers

Track and alert non-compliant distributors to protect your brand and partner network

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Discover sellers, price drops, low stock, and harmful discounts

Seller monitoring

Site-specific bots scan domains to monitor sellers of your products

Automation rules

Define what you want to detect based on price, stock, discount or domain

Unknown vendors

Discover unauthorized sellers of your products and protect your partners


Turn distribution incidents into actions, fast

Validation cards

Use image cards to evaluate incidents in detail and decide when to act

Seller notifications

Alert sellers of non-compliance with tailored emails within the platform

User permissions

Decide who in your team can send alerts to your distribution network


Gain full visibility into how your products are being sold online

Partner analysis

Identify the best and worst performers to inform future agreements

Compliance dashboards

Use up-to-date data to obtain a full overview of your distribution network

Data extract

Manipulate data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API

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