Online Distributor Compliance Software

Automate the management of your distribution partners behaviour across all your digital retail channels, in a smart and cost-effective way.

Key Benefits

Stop harmful price competition

Ensure your partners are adhering to agreed Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or Recommended Retail Price (RRP) guidelines, sending notifications within minutes of price violations.

Trace price falls to the source

Trace initial price drops to the correct partner, informing future negotiations. Spot those partners using pricing engines and Amazon repricer to compete with other distributors.

Increase selling opportunities

Using Red Points stock monitoring tool, identify out of stock partners quickly, and send offers or notifications within the platform.

Increase efficiency

Let the Online Distributor Compliance (ODC) platform automate the task of monitoring partners, reducing staff time dedicated to overseeing and documenting partner activity.

Track partner performance

Know who works best for your brand. Inform future negotiations with evidence gathered on each partners’ online sales activity.

Product features

Price monitoring

Using our data-scraping technology, know when your partners sell below the agreed or suggested prices.

Real-time alerts

Red Points Online Distributor Compliance software scans your partner on a daily basis, records it, and notifies you of violations immediately.

Automatic tracking

Our smart solution registers all the evidence and activity with each seller over time, so you can easily analyse and act upon data.

Easy-to-Use templates

Edit and build your own email templates with a personalised approach to each of your partners, quickly alerting sellers about term violations.

Intuitive case management

Manage your products in an organised, task-based workflow with an incredible user experience, meaning little to no training required.

Stock monitoring

Check if your partners are keeping stock of your products and if they’re a valuable affiliate for their authorised markets.

Unauthorised channel control

Ensure partners are not selling in restricted domains, including geo-exclusivity (eg. Amazon.co.uk vs. Amazon.com). Track partners by their official seller names on Amazon and eBay.

When You Don’t Track Partners with tech

Price race to the bottom

Sellers will lower rates to compete with other partners and win the “buy” box of platforms such as Amazon.

Brand erosion

Unmonitored behaviour related your products affect the perception of consumer about your business.

Unscalable, costly processes

As the numbers of partners grow, monitoring becomes a must. Manual search and notification processes are unsustainable.

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