Eliminate fakes and protect your customers

Our AI platform takes down counterfeits, fake websites, social media fraud accounts, and piracy. Safeguard your brand, protect your revenue, and secure your customers’ trust.

AI Brand Protection Platform trusted by 1,300+ brands of all sizes

Stop any kind of brand abuse.
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Brand Protection

Find, track, and remove counterfeit listings and sellers.

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Impersonation Removal

Take down fake websites and social media accounts.

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Domain Management

Reclaim your name.

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Anti Piracy

Eliminate pirates.

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Revenue Recovery

Litigate at zero cost.

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Take action against brand threats today



Detect, validate and remove infringing listings in 5000+ marketplaces.

Fake Websites

Automatically find and remove spoofing sites that take advantage of your brand.


Detect and enforce domains that exploit your brand.

Social Media

Detect and monitor fake profiles and counterfeits on social media platforms.

Search Engines

Detect, monitor, and deindex infringing content and sites from search engines fast and efficiently.


Automatically find and take down fraudulent ads in 240+ countries and territories.

The Red Points difference

10-year-trained AI

Machine learning, computer vision, and risk scoring models trained with the world's largest brand data set.

Widest coverage

Expansive keyword and image detection. We leave nothing unseen.

24/7 preventive protection

Risk scores and custom automation that never sleep. No analyst hours.

Flat fee. Unlimited takedowns

Transparent pricing: unlimited detections and takedowns. No hidden costs.

Revenue recovery program

Zero-cost litigation. Get money back from counterfeiters straight to your bank account, and close seller accounts.

"They provide us with a really useful portal to use and a great team to support our day-to-day business… And, most importantly, they have the most cutting-edge technology in the market.”


In counterfeits removed

Wei Zhang,
Senior Counsel Brand Protection at PUMA

“We see Red Points as an extension of our in-house counsel team, and we feel in safe hands”


Enforcement success rate

Nicole Klug
Global Brand Protection Manager at Hugo Boss

“We tried to handle the situation internally, with the support of external law firms around the world, but because of the high number of fakes, it was impossible and very expensive for us to continue in that way.”


Listings removed

Marta Benedetto,
General Manager at FILA Italy

“Red Points gives us visibility across global marketplaces and everything is consolidated in a very easy to use platform”


In infringements enforced

David Mole,
Global Digital Senior Marketplaces Manager