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Your most flexible partner in
brand protection and
copyright protection

What are the costs of piracy?

600 Billion euros

of counterfeit goods sold anually

20 Billion euros

of pirated content distributed online

10%  international trade

involves counterfeits

25%  of e-commerce transactions

are counterfeit products

Damages your reputation
Decreases your profits
Leaves your partners unprotected

Protect yourself with our services

Copyright Protection

We protect your copyrighted content

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Brand Protection

We protect your brand and Intellectual Property

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Urgent removal

Quick removal of content
Service 365/24h

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How do we do it?

We combine expertise and legal rigour with our proprietary technical solution. We work through a comprehensive process of detection, documentation, reporting and mitigation of illegal exploitation of brands and assets on the internet. Find out more


Academic, technical and legal.


A worldwide presence: we remove files all over the world.


More than 50 clients from several industries trust our seriousness and discretion.


A multidisciplinary team specialised in Intellectual Property, Technology, Marketing and Management.


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