Cutting Impersonators at the Source

How Red Points helped take down impersonation attacks and shield up Jacaranda Finance’s reputation and revenue.


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The Challenge

When Australian-based personal lender Jacaranda Finance was targeted by digital scammers, their hard-earned reliability was suddenly put at risk. Jacaranda’s posts were stolen and copied, along with their brand name and image, to make the fake profile appear legitimate. The scammer then sent out a mass message to all of Jacaranda’s followers with a fake giveaway link to a scam website.

Thankfully, Jacaranda’s Head of Marketing Nick Yang was able to alert their customers in a timely manner, and no one was scammed. They also knew, however, that this scam had suddenly put their customers’ trust at risk, and it was likely another would pop up eventually.

This failed impersonation scam was the call to action they needed to make changes and put a plan in place in order to avoid similar security risks in the future.

The Solution

Nick took fast corrective action as soon as the threat of the false-link scam was realised. But the fake profile was still up on Facebook: they had tried to report it and get it removed directly to no avail. This was when they discovered Red Points.

With Red Points, Jacaranda was able to get the account removed from Facebook in just 24 hours. The service proved to be simple and efficient, and they brought Red Points on as their ongoing brand protection service shortly after.

The Result

Jacaranda Finance was able to avoid a large-scale hit to their reputation and protect their customers thanks to the quick work of Red Points.

Now that Jacaranda utilizes Red Points’ digital Revenue Recovery Platform, their team no longer has to waste time searching for fake accounts or addressing scams. Instead, they have far more time to build customer relationships and carry out other vital business operations while having full confidence that the brand is well-protected.

Jacaranda Finance is an Australian-based lender founded by CEO Daniel Wessels in 2014. The brand focuses on providing simple, stress-free lending services that are easily accessible 100% online.

With its innovative technology and financial solutions, Jacaranda has experienced rapid success and growth. Their brand is heavily-rooted in growing strong relationships and maintaining their image and reliability with their customers, which Red Points helps to protect.
Financial Services

Financial Services

"We experience fake social media accounts from time to time. With Red Points' help these accounts get taken down within 24hr."

Nick Yang,
Head of Marketing at Jacaranda Finance

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Social media impersonation accounts and scam threats difficult to remove

Leaving the page up was not an option, but getting it taken down with manual methods was just not fast enough. It could have taken hours to write a cease-and-desist letter and get the proper assistance needed to take the profile down.

Brand Protection Made Easy

Red Points takes the stress and long wait times out of brand protection. Just a few hours after Jacaranda found Red Points, the impersonating Facebook account was taken down. Best of all, it took no extra effort from Jacaranda’s team to make it happen.

Thanks to Red Points’ software and expert team, scammers and impersonators can be taken down quickly and at the source. No more spending hours searching for scams or trying to hunt down infringements: with Red Points, your employees can stick to what they do best while we do what we do best: defend your brand and recover your revenue.

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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist