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Red Points joins forces with 100% to fight back online counterfeiters, removing over 13,200 online infringements in 1 year

Francis Costello, COO of 100% explains why they decided to hire Red Points in order to automate their brand protection

A dangerous choice

A look into 100%'s fight against counterfeit

The 100% case at a glance

The Challenge

100%, the brand that dominates the motocross goggles market in America, discovered fake versions of their products in a number of Chinese Marketplaces, such as Aliexpress and Alibaba, but also on Facebook and Instagram. When it became apparent that all their time, efforts, money and reputation were in danger, they tried to fix it themselves. But given the scale of the issue, they weren’t able to make enough of an impact.

The Solution

According to Costello, their design is a critical element of their products. They invest a great deal of time and money into the development and quality of their optics and lenses and the materials are chosen and designed for athletes. When they discovered the counterfeits online, they could not believe it. They got in contact with Red Points, since they they knew that they couldn’t handle it by themselves and that the only way to solve this online problem would be a technological solution.

The Result

100% has been using Red Points for over a year now, and more than 13,200 infringing products have been removed, which represents a success rate of 90%. Counterfeits have been found on more than 15 online platforms, both on marketplaces and social media.

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How Red Points helped 100% put an end to counterfeits

15+ Marketplaces found offering counterfeits
13,200+ Infringing products removed
90% Brand protection effectiveness

Counterfeits damage business, but also customers

The American brand is currently manufacturing through two partners, one in France for their lenses, and the other in Italy, their frame manufacturers. These partners have been selected as they want to deliver the product with the best quality and design. 100% are concerned with the counterfeits that are online, since they cannot control their quality. When it comes down to protecting your eyes, no one should have to compromise.

“Those who buy counterfeits products should know they are not getting the quality of product that they expect. This can have a really damaging effect on the brand in the marketplace.”


COO at 100%

Easy to use, with quick results

Before using Red Points’ technological solution, 100% used to wait for customers or distributors around the world to notice a listing and tell them about it. Nowadays, however, Red Points is finding them and taking the majority down within minutes. As Costello says, the platform is very easy to use in finding the counterfeit products using information that 100% provides. This makes their life easier, since they can focus on product innovation and development.

5 reasons why Red Points is the best solution according to 100%

  • Red Points has the ability to attack hundreds of listings all at once without having to be selective about what to target
  • The platform has excellent ease of use
  • It provides results in a matter of hours
  • It delivers clear and visual updates in real-time
  • Thanks to Red Points, you can focus on your job instead of worrying about counterfeits

100% is an original brand that was launched in 2012, starting with motocross goggles and expanding into performance eyewear, mountain biking gear and helmets, producing a wide variety of high performance products for athletes. The company employs just over 40 employees in San Diego, and several other people in various locations around the world.

Industry: Sports
Headquarters: San Diego, California
Used Features: Anti-Counterfeit
Where: Worldwide

“Red Points had the ability to attack hundreds of listings all at once without having to do things one at a time. I think that’s the biggest advantage.”


COO at 100%

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