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How revolutionary electric contrast therapy device Hyperice took down 7k+ infringing listings with the help of Red Points



Listings removed

$13.2 Million

Value of counterfeit products enforced to date


Enforcement success rate

The Challenge

Hyperice went from making $30 million in 2017 to $200 million in 2020, but with popularity came challenges in the form of counterfeit products and scammers trying to capitalize on their intellectual property. This caused both financial distress and a fall in the company’s image.

While Hyperice tried to control this problem, their initial attempts proved costly and unscalable. With products being sold in 68 countries, they faced language barriers and were paying hefty fees for multilingual litigation. They had to pay various people to scan sites and take down counterfeits throughout various countries, languages, and marketplaces, only for the same listings to reappear weeks later.

Over time, their IP protection expenses became significant and time-consuming, despite having no tangible impact, so they started to look for a more reliable and cost-efficient option.

The Solution

Red Points offered Hyperice a scalable solution that made it easy to detect and remove counterfeit products from local and international stores. Our easy-to-use system made the process simpler and faster, thus saving the company both time and money.

At first, Hyperice was skeptical about Red Points’ services after having experienced firsthand how difficult it was to get ahead of counterfeits. Luckily, just a few weeks after adopting Red Points’ software they were able to discover just how effective it was. Since then, they’ve never looked back.

The Result

Since the inception of Hyperice’s partnership with Red Points in April of 2020, over 7,380 IP enforcements have been take down. They now have a 96.5% enforcement success rate, and Hyperice’s entire IP enforcement system is currently more efficient and effective than ever before.

Before using Red Points, Hyperice’s IP enforcement took a team of people working daily to scan and takedown counterfeits. They used to manually submit around 500 takedown requests daily. With Red Points, the problem has been reduced so much that they only have to send around 10-15 requests per day.

Not only is Red Points far more effective for Hyperice, but it’s also less costly than their prior system. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to scan counterfeits in each country, Red Points automatically scrawls marketplaces throughout the globe all at one time. Red Points’ Brand Intelligence Platform makes it easy for Hyperice to keep an eye on each marketplace they sell through in every country, which is a massive time and money save for the company.

Red Points’ solution has allowed Hyperice to better protect their customers and their profit from counterfeits all over the world, as well as getting more done in less time while maintaining its brand integrity.


Hyperice has quickly risen to stardom since its inception in 2011. Their innovative recovery technology products, such as the popular Hypervolt Percussion massage gun, are used by some of the most elite athletes in the world.

Available in more than 68 countries, their products are mainly used by athletes to help them recover faster and perform at their best. Though their success led to fast increases in revenue, it also made Hyperice the perfect target for IP infringement scams.
Recovery Technology Industry
California, USA

“What the Red Points platform offered us is a solution that is scalable, the ability to hit global markets as well as submitting mass takedowns”


Enforcement Success Rate

Jon Howell,
General Counsel at HyperIce

The Hyperice Story

Following Hyperice’s large increase in sales, reaching $200 million by 2020, their IP infringement problem became out of control. They were losing out on sales to price-cut counterfeit products, and spending thousands of dollars taking down counterfeits that simply kept reappearing. Now that their IP enforcement is run with Red Points, they have been able to properly protect their brand and ensure customers are getting the best Hyperice products.

Counterfeits Destroying Hyperice’s reputation

Replicas or counterfeit products are not only bad for producers but also for buyers. These items tend to be lower in quality and do not meet the same quality standards as original goods. When customers receive a counterfeit product, it shows badly on the legitimate company, which was the exact problem Hyperice dealt with.

With the importance of customer reviews in today’s online market, Hyperice took a hit not only in sales but in their reputation as well. Negative reviews and customer experiences tarnished Hyperice’s reputation and caused buyers to lose trust in the brand.

Finding an effective brand protection solution was essential for Hyperice’s continued success as a brand.

Global Solution

Hyperice, like many brands that sell in multiple countries, was struggling to protect their IP in every marketplace. They had to spend thousands of dollars in multilingual litigation fees in each country they sold products in. It was an expensive, tedious process that wasn’t working. The counterfeit products kept coming back, and the root of the problem wasn’t being addressed.

The best way for a global company like Hyperice to properly enforce IP is to utilize brand protection software that can scan every marketplace, globally. Working with Red Points truly changed the game for them, because it crawls all of their marketplaces all at once 24/7. Every country is covered, and counterfeits can be found and addressed immediately. Now, Hyperice is well-protected with far less time and money wasted on counterfeits, so more energy can be put into creating and selling their innovative products.

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