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How Dexas scaled its IP team and multiplied brand protection effort with Red Points


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The Challenge

Back in 2015 when ecommerce really began taking off, Dexas faced a massive increase in IP infringements. Foreign competitors and counterfeiters stealing their trademarked designs and innovations quickly spiraled out of control. Dexas went from dealing with around a dozen intellectual property matters in a year, to a few dozen in a single day.

They quickly realized their original IP enforcement process wasn’t working. With the increased number of infringements to address, it became impossible to deal with this issue manually. Dexas knew hiring more employees to handle infringements wouldn’t be scalable or cost effective, so they started to look for a solution to tackle IP infringement at the source, and stop repeat infringers.

The Solution

Thanks to Red Points’ always-on brand protection software Dexas saved a tremendous amount of time and money dealing with IP infringements. Because of the robust platform, they were able to detect and report infringing listings in mere seconds, compared to the 5-10 minutes it took in the past. With the help of Red Points, one Dexas employee handles infringements single handingly, which has proven much more cost effective than hiring even one additional full-time employee.

The Result

Dexas can now easily tackle infringement listings and have a better understanding of their biggest problem areas thanks to Red Points. With the data that the Red Points software provides, they were able to see in which marketplaces and jurisdictions they were experiencing the most infringements. This has helped Dexas shift its focus and energy on filing patents more strategically and properly protecting their IP where it is most needed.

Founded in 1969, the U.S.-based consumer goods manufacturer based in Texas has its niche in adding aesthetically pleasing design elements to day-to-day consumer products. Over the past decades, they have been focusing on delivering high-quality made in U.S. products. Their product line has expanded to include not just kitchen products but also office and pet products in addition to our housewares business.
Consumer Goods Industry
Texas, USA

Consumer Goods Industry

“The best benefit of working with Red Points is that it saves a tremendous amount of time, and it’s also been cost-effective for us”

Mark Richmond, General Counsel/CQO at Dexas International Ltd.

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The Dexas Story

Dexas is a consumer goods company that got its start as a humble family business back in 1969. Since then, they have grown to become one of the biggest domestic cutting board manufacturers in the United States, with hundreds of product lines currently being sold with major retailers and various ecommerce platforms. Their main niche is adding aesthetically pleasing design elements to their products, bringing style into usually utilitarian products.

Since most of their product innovations were artistic in nature, they built a robust IP portfolio to protect their artistic elements from being copied. As their product line began to grow and ecommerce took off, they simply could not keep up with the number of infringements appearing across multiple platforms daily. Dexas knew they had to take action against these infringements in order to maintain their brand image.

Better Understanding of Problem Areas

Dexas was initially guessing where their problem areas were when it came to IP infringements. They were spending too much time manually reviewing the wrong marketplaces and platforms.

Red Points software helped Dexas uncover and prioritize top infringing sellers, platforms, and regions. With this information, they better delegated their time and were able to create strategies to proactively counter infringements on these sites. Having access to this information is essential for all brands, and can cut the cost and time required to protect your IP and revenue.

Identifying the Main Source of Infringements

In dealing with IP infringements, Dexas faced a problem that nearly every brand faces: addressing them at the source. They would spend time finding and taking down counterfeit listings, only for more to reappear later.

By not addressing the underlying problem, Dexas quickly realized that counterfeits will simply keep coming back. By gaining more visibility and leveraging thousands of data points from Red Points’ platform, Dexas could focus on making a real impact on its business.

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