Tackling rogue websites at the source

How Red Points helps Keen protect their brand reputation and customers from the rising threat of rogue websites.


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The Challenge

When Keen Footwear became the target of a website spoofing scam, it became an immediate threat to the brand’s reputation and customers. The fake Facebook ads used Keen’s branded content to fool customers and redirect them to rogue websites in order to steal their credit card information. The brand received a growing number of customer complaints after falling victim to the scam, and the problem immediately spiraled out of control.

Keen went from zero reports to 1,400 customer complaints in a single day, only days after the initial scam ad on Facebook was identified. Though they tried to resolve the issue by reporting the fake ads, the web spoofing scam was on a larger scale than they had ever experienced. With no way to identify the source of the rogue websites, they couldn’t keep up with the new fake ads and sites that kept reappearing.

As new ads kept appearing, Keen’s brand reputation and customers were at great risk. The brand needed a scalable solution to identify and take down rogue websites at the source and adapt to the ever-evolving scams targeting their business.

The Solution

Red Points was the scalable solution Keen needed to be able to immediately identify rogue websites and take them down at the source. Thanks to the 24/7 monitoring with Red Points’ sophisticated software, the brand could find and take down rogue websites before they became a problem. With ever-evolving technology such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can adapt to changing infringement trends, Keen is able to tackle their current threats head-on and be prepared for future attacks as scams continue to grow more sophisticated.

The Result

Red Points has helped Keen remove thousands of infringements online by identifying rogue websites and counterfeits at the source. With an intuitive reporting system and continued support from Red Points, it’s easy for their team to identify trends and adapt to new threats. Today, the brand knows its reputation, and its customers are better protected than ever, no matter what online scam threats they encounter.


Keen is a family-owned, “values-led” footwear brand. The brand puts a great emphasis on making a positive impact in the world by supporting various environmental initiatives. Since their inception in 2003, they have grown to a global brand selling a full suite of hiking, outdoor, performance, lifestyle, and a kids-style line.

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“We’ve worked together with Red Points to get those rogue websites taken down as fast as possible. ”


Covered domains

Jennifer Carman Parker,
Manager, IP and Global Brand Protection at KEEN

Online phishing attacks evolving too quickly to defend against

The rogue websites that first impacted Keen’s brand through fake social media ads weren’t the last evolution of online infringement. The brand risked further damage to their customers and brand reputation if another attack went unidentified in the future. To ensure their business would be protected from new attacks, they needed a solution that could adapt to the changing online scam tactics.

The adaptive brand solution

Red Points serves as the ultimate protection for Keen against current and future infringement and counterfeiting attacks online. The brand protection software has the adaptability to identify and take down current rogue websites, as well as address new threats as they arise. With Red Points, Keen has taken down thousands of infringements and rogue sites, and will be well-prepared to handle future attacks.

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