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Shining a light on counterfeits

David Trubridge’s team explains how Red Points helped the famous brand fight fakes online.

Fakes, an artist’s worst nightmare

A look into David Trubridge’s fight against counterfeit


The David Trubridge case at a glance

The Challenge

Designer and CEO David Trubridge first realised he had a counterfeit problem when he saw a company exhibiting a booth full of his lights at the 2014 Hong Kong Lighting Fair. To solve this issue, Mr. Trubridge and his team hired a law firm. However, this process proved to be long, expensive and, ultimately, ineffective, as copies of his designs continued to be sold on online marketplaces.

The Solution

After spending a considerable amount of time and up to $150.000 in legal fees, David Trubridge looked for an alternative solution and teamed up with Red Points. Our self-learning technology quickly began searching the web to detect, report, and remove counterfeits. During the process, the David Trubridge team was able to view and validate identified incidents in real-time to keep track of removals.

The Result

Within six months of using our service, 92% of infringements had been eliminated from online marketplaces, making it virtually impossible for knockoffs to reach consumers. Our platform allowed Mr. Trubridge and his team to have a clear picture of the severity of their problem and where their brand was most at risk. Red Points continues to protect the brand and remove fakes.

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How David Trubridge and Red Points used tech to switch off fakes

300+ Infringing platforms and marketplaces
600+ Counterfeit products found
92% Infringements removed in first 6 months

Imitation is not always the best form of flattery

David Trubridge is known for designing one-of-a-kind pieces, with his unique signature style. Unfortunately, art and design lovers are not the only ones interested in his work. The resounding success of his creations has also attracted the attention of counterfeiters around the world who are selling imitations for less than half their real price. The result is not only in a significant loss of revenue but damage the reputation of his distinguished brand.

“This was like a kick in the guts, this was like someone invaded my home. They come in and ransack my home and take things that belong to me.”


CEO at David Trubridge LDT

Cutting-edge technology meets a zero-tolerance policy

After traditional methods had proved insufficient, David Trubridge decided to partner with brand protection specialist Red Points Solutions to tackle the brand’s counterfeit problem. Red Points Solutions uses an advanced self-learning technology to crawl the web and automatically detect, report and remove counterfeits online. Using its knowledge of the client’s IP, the AI technology works to identify infringers and gather data that can be used to investigate operations further.

Clear visual updates, delivered in real-time

David Trubridge used Red Points’ dashboard to monitor detected infringements and removals in real-time. The cloud-based portal is easy to use, offers transparent communication and 24-hour support. Additionally, a specialised legal team were on hand to help with the legalities of the protection and removal process where needed.


Inspired by the landscapes and nature of his home country New Zealand, designer David Trubridge has become a respected artist on a global scale. His pieces can be found almost anywhere in the world, from homes and renowned boutiques to embassies and even in a room of the Pompidou museum in Paris.

Industry Lighting
Headquarters Hasting NZ
Used Features Anti-Counterfeit
Where Worldwide

“It used to take up a lot of our time and now we can just focus on design and doing our core jobs.”


Marketing Manager at David Trubridge LTD

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