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Over 2,000 online infringements taken down by Red Points in just a few weeks

Founder Daniel Marsden explains why Lounge decided to automate their brand protection

The Lounge case at a glance

The Challenge

Before they would actually get their UK trademarks approved, Lounge started seeing people tagging their brand in some fake products in Social Media. They decided to look at it in more detail, and discovered that most of the websites were Chinese, including AliExpress and Alibaba. As their popularity grew, counterfeits of Lounge products appeared on other e-commerce sites, such as the American giant eBay.

The Solution

At the beginning, Lounge felt lost and stuck, since they did not have the resources to hire a lawyer. They contacted Red Points and were impressed by its digital solution’s offerings, which automates counterfeit detection and removal, clearly displaying detailed results to Lounge through a web-based dashboard.

The Result

In less than a month, Red Points found 2,350 infringements and removed more than 2,200 — a success rate of 96%. Counterfeits were most prevalent on eBay and AliExpress. As Daniel says, it is a massive issue not only for its financial implications, but also the negative impact on the brand’s reputation.

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How Red Points helped Lounge put an end to counterfeits

10+ Marketplaces found selling counterfeits
4,900+ Infringing products removed
96% Brand protection effectiveness

Counterfeits damage businesses reputation

Before they got the UK trademarks approved, Daniel started seeing people tagging their pictures in what they thought were Lounge products. At the beginning they felt it was a compliment, but fairly quickly it became a more serious issue. Although they tried to fix it by themselves, soon they realised it was very time consuming and impossible to deal with. This massive issue did not just damage the company financially, but it also hurt their reputation.

“After a year now, we can’t imagine Lounge without the Red Points’ solution”


CEO of Lounge

A smarter solution to counterfeits

Lounge turned to Red Points’ digital solution because it is a smart and extremely affordable software. Red Points uses an advanced self-learning technology to crawl the web and automatically detect, report and remove counterfeits online. Clients can customise parameters to have the control they desire over the process. Whole sites can be shut down and legal assistance is provided, ensuring a long lasting solution.

Delivering clear, visual updates in real-time

Red Points decreases human errors and ineffectiveness in brand protection, and at the same time eliminates infringements in a matter of hours. Everyday, Lounge controls and monitors infringement removals through Red Points’ visual dashboards. These are filtered by date, assets, type of infringements, regions and sellers, among others. All in all, Red Points’ platform is extremely easy to use and it offers 24-hour support.


The English underwear company was created with one intention: to bring the comfort back to underwear, while making you feel great with yourself. This is why they eliminated countless fabrics, stitches and designs. It is inspired by real women and real moments.

Industry Fashion
Headquarters UK
Used Features Anti-Counterfeit
Where Worldwide

“In this day and age of e-commerce business, you’d struggle not to have Red Points’ efficient software on your side”


CEO at Lounge

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