Combating unauthorized distribution: How Kaspersky secured global market leadership through enhanced visibility

How Red Points' solution helped Kaspersky remove $1.6 million worth of unauthorized products online at scale


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The Challenge

Kaspersky, a well-known cybersecurity company, discovered that a significant portion of their product listings on global marketplaces were sold through unauthorized channels, causing poor customer experience, unfair competition for authorized partners, and brand devaluation.

It became critical for Kaspersky to take action to protect its brand and customers from the impact of unauthorized distribution.

The Solution

Kaspersky turned to Red Points to tackle this challenge. Using Red Points’ technology and platform, Kaspersky gained valuable insights into the global market, identifying unauthorized distribution channels and taking necessary actions.

Through Red Points’ automated test purchase feature, Kaspersky obtained concrete evidence against illicit sellers within a matter of days, all while minimizing administrative efforts.

The Result

Kaspersky tackled the challenge of unauthorized distribution by partnering with Red Points. Achieving a 93.1% enforcement success rate, they took down 4,735 infringements, eliminating unauthorized listings and mitigating gray market risks. The estimated enforced value of infringements was $1,608,798. This preserved Kaspersky’s brand value, strengthened relationships with authorized partners, and minimized customer dissatisfaction.

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company, with a mission to build a safer world by securing technology and creating a cyber-immune ecosystem.

They operate in over 200 countries, with more than 4,000 highly-qualified specialists, and provide trusted cybersecurity technology to 400 million users and 250,000 corporate clients.

Kaspersky’s focus is on delivering innovative, effective, usable, and accessible security that stays ahead of potential threats.
Software Industry

Software Industry

“Red Points gives us visibility across global marketplaces and everything is consolidated in a very easy to use platform”

David Mole,
Global Digital Senior Marketplaces Manager

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Leveraging AI-powered automation for streamlined enforcement

With thousands of unauthorized product listings across various online marketplaces, Kaspersky struggled to identify and enforce all infringing products manually. To address this challenge, Kaspersky leveraged Red Points’ advanced technology and AI-powered automation capabilities. By automating the enforcement process, Kaspersky was able to streamline its operations and identify and remove infringing products more efficiently, achieving an impressive 93.1% enforcement success rate.

Continuous monitoring for ongoing brand protection

With the global marketplace constantly evolving, Kaspersky understood the importance of ongoing monitoring to ensure the continued protection of its brand. By partnering with Red Points, Kaspersky was able to implement a continuous monitoring solution that enabled them to stay on top of any new instances of unauthorized distribution. This allowed Kaspersky to take a proactive approach to brand protection and maintain the value of its brand in the face of ongoing threats.