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How watch retailer MVMT removed over 25,000 online infringements with Red Points in 6 months

Joe Spallone, IP Rights Manager, explains why MVMT decided to automate their brand protection.

The MVMT case at a glance

The Challenge

Watch retailer MVMT learnt about their counterfeit problem from customers, who complained after unknowingly buying low-quality fakes. MVMT began to monitor sites for counterfeits, a process which took up about two days of the working week. In a year MVMT removed around 1,000 counterfeits using takedown procedures, but each removal took a few weeks.

The Solution

MVMT decided to partner with Red Points Solutions, providing data on products and distributors for the software. Red Points uses a self-learning technology, which crawls the web to automatically detect, report, and remove counterfeits. MVMT used the Red Points web portal during the process to validate requested flagged listings and to keep track of removals.

The Result

In just over six months Red Points discovered and removed 25,000 listings of counterfeit MVMT products on 80 marketplace sites. 11 of these were fake MVMT sites, 7 of which have since been shut down with the rest under legal threat. As Joe confirms, removals with Red Points usually took just 24 hours, and hundreds of items could be taken down simultaneously.

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How MVMT and Red Points used tech to fight fakes

80 Marketplaces found selling counterfeits
25.000 Infringing products removed
77% Fake websites shut down (and counting)

The threat of counterfeits is real

As an internet company, MVMT can cut down on retail markup, providing its stylish premium products for a lower price. However, this means that MVMT is especially vulnerable to counterfeits online. Besides causing financial losses, counterfeits hurt brand equity as they surrender control of trademarks into the hands of an unregulated and inferior product. Unfortunately, the industry is growing: by 2022, counterfeit goods will have a worth of US $2.8 trillion.

“What we worry about is our brand image and negative
impacts on our reputation. Also, the fact that this was causing
so much more work for customer service.”

Joe Spallone

CS & Intellectual Property Rights Manager at MVMT

Cutting-edge technology meets a zero-tolerance policy

In November, MVMT made the decision to partner with brand protection specialists Red Points Solutions to tackle its counterfeit problem. Red Points Solutions uses an advanced self-learning technology to crawl the web and automatically detect for, report and remove counterfeits online. Using data from the client, the AI technology also works to build data and investigate operations so as to implement a long-lasting solution.

Clear visual updates, delivered in real-time

MVMT used Red Points’ dashboard to monitor flagged infringements and removals in real-time. The cloud-based portal is easy to use, and offers transparent communication and 24-hour support. MVMT were able to decide on specific parameters for infringement removal, like automatic removal from specified domains and countries, or case-by-case approval for flagged listings from Amazon, for example. Additionally, a specialised legal team were on hand to support legalities of the protection process where needed.


With a focus on high-end design that doesn’t break the bank, internet watch retailer MVMT has amassed an enormous following since setting out to reinvent the industry in 2013.

Industry Fashion
Headquarters California
Used Features Anti-Counterfeit
Where Worldwide

“Red Points have saved us significant time and money, with a solution much more effective than our own efforts.”

Joe Spallone

CS & Intellectual Property Rights Manager at MVMT

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