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How Red Points helped elite fightwear brand Venum combat counterfeits and helped to protect its prestigious name and loyal customers.


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The Challenge

When counterfeits started appearing on social media, Venum knew it was not only a threat to sales and to their retailers, but also a danger to customers and their reputation. After running brand protection efforts internally, Venum quickly realized that the volume of counterfeiters was too high to take on alone.

The Solution

That’s when they decided it was time to join the heavyweight division and start working with Red Points. With advanced keyword monitoring and image recognition tools, Venum is now able to tackle their counterfeiting problem head-on across 30 top marketplaces worldwide, they’re now able to deal a knockout punch to counterfeiters.

The Result

Working with Red Points, Venum has been able to both quantify their losses and tackle the problem head-on. For Venum, the ROI was clear: eliminating counterfeiters with Red Points has meant an 95% effectiveness rate from detections to removals, with over 65,829 total incidents solved since 2017.


Since 2006, Venum has been a top manufacturer of combat sports clothing, equipment, and accessories. With a focus on mid-range and high-end products, Venum customers who train in MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate or fitness, and cross training, are sure of the quality of their gear and are fired up by designs that instill them with confidence. Venum’s products are known for comfort and a long lifespan, allowing them to grow quickly and serve markets in America, Europe, and Asia.
Fightwear and equipment
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“Red Points can spot fakes very quickly, and remove them very efficiently as well. So, it just makes sense"

Edouard Charlemagne,
Regional Managing Director

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Counterfeits a growing issue on social media

As Venum began to expand into more marketplaces and smaller retailers began carrying their brand, they realized the im- pact fakes were having on the company. Counterfeiters were using social media platforms to trick shoppers who would normally buy from some of Venum’s smaller, but important retailers across the globe. And with social media as one of the company’s most important communication and branding channels, it was a problem that couldn’t be ignored.
“For the past few years, we’ve seen more and more counterfeits available online on social networks and in marketplaces. The issue became too much, and we knew we had to do something else. That’s when we decided to go with Red Points.”

Automated services make detection and elimination effective

A growing number of counterfeits on the market means a growing threat to a company’s reputation and, in Venum’s case, a threat to the health and well-being of their customers. Red Points’ automated processes mean companies don’t have to invest in the overwhelming human resources it would take to fight large volumes of counterfeits popping up across platforms and marketplaces. 24/7 protection across 30 of the top marketplaces means fakes are identified and eliminated as they appear.

Easy to use, top tech

Red Points’ technology is user-friendly and simple to manage. Our machine learning technology makes sure brands never miss an infringement. Its organized, task-based presentation of information and automated processes means they can take action quickly and easily. No training is required to get quick, effective results to counterfeit issues with Red Points.


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Protect Customers

Venum - Fightwear Brand

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