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How Red Points helped Fila take down $570 million worth of fake products online



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The Challenge

When Fila began to enter new online channels, scammers took notice. Fila’s growing online presence made them a target of various bad actors, leading to a large-scale counterfeiting issue and impersonation attacks.

Seemingly overnight, Fila was inundated with inquiries from authorities, complaints from frustrated customers who had been defrauded, and concerned brand partners.

Their brand integrity was diminishing as a result, and they knew they needed to take action in order to better protect their brand in the market.

The Solution

Red Points offers a proactive approach for Fila to identify and take down counterfeit products, as well as new infringement threats to their brand. With automated infringement monitoring and takedown, Fila can focus their resources on building their brand protection strategy and staying ahead of scammers within the market.

The Result

Since working with Red Points, Fila has been able to take down approximately $570 million worth of fake products. This alone is an incredible feat for the brand, which helped them reinforce their standing as a top global fashion brand amongst customers and partners.

In addition to recovering millions in sales, the Red Points’ Revenue Recovery Platform provides vital information as the brand continues to evolve. Fila has been able to utilize their data reports to enhance their brand protection and built the right global marketing strategy.

Founded by the Fila brothers in 1909, Fila is a global fashion brand with a long history of continued innovation and success. From its early Italian beginnings making clothing for customers in the Italian Alps, the brand now sells a variety of sportsware all around the world.

Despite the brand’s success, expansion hasn’t always been easy. Fila encountered problems when expanding their digital presence, hindered by increasing numbers of counterfeit products taking advantage of their success and stealing revenue from the brand.

Fashion Industry
Biella, Italy

Fashion Industry

"We tried to handle the situation internally, with the support of external law firms around the world, but because of the high number of fakes, it was impossible and very expensive for us to continue in that way."

Marta Benedetto,
General Manager at FILA Italy

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Legal assistance wasn’t working

Initially, Fila attempted to solve their counterfeiting problem internally, with the support of external law firms around the world. This quickly proved to be an ineffective solution to the issue.

The number of fakes on the market was growing every day, and new threats like the brand impersonation attacks on social media kept arising. This manual approach wasn’t efficient enough to handle the scope of the brand’s ever-evolving infringement problem.

This initial approach was extremely costly for the brand. It was clear this wasn’t a viable approach, as resources were running out. They knew they needed a more proactive approach to brand protection, that could identify and take down counterfeits before they could spiral out of control.

A collaborative approach to brand protection

Not only were counterfeit products stealing millions in revenue from Fila, but they also put a massive strain on the brand’s customer relations and partnerships. They were dealing with a growing number of complaints from defrauded customers, and their integrity within the sportswear industry was faltering.

Large-scale infringement threatening brand integrity

Prior to working with Red Points, Fila was running out of financial resources paying for legal assistance that wasn’t working. They had to juggle various lawyers to handle counterfeits in various countries, and the scope of the problem was too large for them to address.

Red Points offered the brand a collaborative partnership that continues to evolve and adapt to the infringements currently threatening the brand. As new brand protection issues arise, they can count on the Red Points team to work with them to find a solution.

Red Points’ software has helped Fila remove $570 million worth of fake products, and continues to help the brand prepare for new threats. The Revenue Recovery platform gives Fila the data and advice they need to make decisions that better protect their brand and customers.

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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist