Facing counterfeits head-on

How Red Points helped FOREO remove over $176.6 million worth of fake products online


Listings removed

$176.6+ million

Value of counterfeit products enforced


Enforcement success rate

The Challenge

As the brand became popular, FOREO started to experience more and more counterfeits online, leading not only to financial losses but more importantly it started to negatively impact consumers’ trust.
After spending countless in-house resources and staff’s time, FOREO started to look for a more time and cost-efficient alternative.

The Solution

Red Points allows FOREO to automate the detection and removal of online brand abuse. By leveraging the data and metrics pulled by Red Points‘ Brand Intelligence platform, FOREO can make informed decisions to drive their online brand protection strategy.

The Result

Since using Red Points, FOREO has managed to take down over 116,214 listings and more than $176.6 million worth of counterfeits – representing a success rate of 94%.
For FOREO their customers’ happiness and trust comes first. Thanks to Red Points’ solution and support in mitigating the impact of online counterfeiters, the innovative tech beauty brand was able to regain consumers’ and retailers’ trust whilst increasing revenue and strengthening their brand online.

FOREO, one of the world’s most popular beauty tech brands, and the maker of the iconic LUNA mini 2 facial brush was founded in 2013, in Sweden. Its founder, Filip Sedic, came up with the idea whilst shopping with his wife and seeing her struggle to find effective skincare cleansing products.

Over time, Filip developed the idea for the LUNA range of products and in six years they grew from two employees at their Swedish headquarters to over 3.000 people worldwide.

Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics Industry

“Prior to hiring Red Points, I was spending hours doing large Excel documents, including counterfeit listings and submitting complaints."

Evan Feldstein,
Vice General Manager and General Counsel at FOREO

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