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A recipe for success

How the increasingly popular kitchenware brand Lékué was able to take down 2,458 counterfeits to date, with the help of Red Points


Enforcements to date with Red Points


Enforcement success rate


Increase in sales for top protected product

The Challenge

After years of building a trusted brand, Lékué found that online counterfeiters were trying to steal their success. These fake kitchen products weren’t made with any kind of safety standards and could pose health risks to their own customers. Lékué wanted to remove these counterfeits to keep their customers and brand healthy, but they needed help. 

The Solution

With numerous fake products emerging out of their control, Lékué needed a comprehensive solution to monitor the marketplace and stop fakes. To do this manually would be nearly impossible, so that’s where Red Points’ machine learning technology came into play. Lékué put smart algorithms to work scanning multiple areas of the net to detect and stop fakes. 

The Result

To date, Lékué was able to take down 2,458 counterfeits with the help of Red Points. That translated into increased sales of the products that were being faked, which also helped keep more customers away from hazardous counterfeits. When you’re dealing with kitchenware that touches food, safety matters. 

The Lékué story
Lékué are designers and creators, dedicated to providing unique and efficient solutions to cooking in the form of high-quality and durable products, gadgets and utensils. With their ingenious design, these products have revolutionized traditional cooking, and offer the world a quicker and healthier way to eat.

Kitchenware industry
Barcelona, Spain


“It is very difficult to build a brand. It’s a task that takes years, bit by bit. When we saw on the internet that there were many counterfeits that we couldn’t control, we needed help.”

Jonathan Martin,
E-Tail Manager