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Beating counterfeits to the punch

How Cleto Reyes has started to win the bouts against online counterfeiters


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Enforcement success rate


Value of counterfeit items enforced to date

The challenge

Cleto Reyes’ European and American distributors started alerting the brand about cheap, low-quality versions of their gloves. These counterfeits were being found on social media sites and advertised as authentic. Cleto Reyes’ employees started manually monitoring the internet for fakes, but it soon turned into a task they found tedious and ultimately ineffective.

The Solution

Red Points got in touch with Cleto Reyes after discovering their counterfeits online, offering a very simple and convenient solution to avoid the counterfeiting headache. With Red Points’ service, fake boxing gloves online can be detected quickly and Cleto Reyes’ intellectual property rights are enforced across a number of websites.

The Result

As soon as an illegal product appears, Cleto Reyes can trust Red Points to find it and take action to remove it from the marketplace. In one year, hundreds of counterfeit items bearing the Cleto Reyes trademark have been removed from social media and online marketplaces. Now, since working with Red Points, not a single client or partner has come to Cleto Reyes to show them fakes.

About Cleto Reyes
Cleto Reyes was founded 70 years ago in Mexico City by amateur boxer Cleto Reyes Castro. While he was victorious in his first fight, Cleto found his real success in working on the gloves himself. He repaired his gloves after the fight by hand, and before long he began to sell these handmade gloves to other pugilists.

Within a few years, the gloves he was making were used in a world championship fight for the first time. From then the brand really started to grow, registering Cleto Reyes as a trademark and building the brand as an international company. The company is still managed by the Reyes family and has become a mainstay in boxing equipment worldwide.


Sports industry

Mexico DF

Sports industry

“Since we’ve been with Red Points it’s given me peace of mind. I know that while we’re focusing on production, there’s a team protecting our brand.”

Elisabeth Reyes ,
Deputy Director of Cleto Reyes

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