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We help you get ready by doing the onboarding and configuring the platform.

We upload your IP rights and create automation rules that will make most of the work for you.

Validate Infringements

Powered by Machine Learning algorithms the platform is constantly working on finding new listings and confirming whether or not they contain counterfeit infringements.

Complex cases can be reviewed by you or by our Managed Services team to decide the next step.

Take down 24/7

Automatically ask the platforms to take down infringing listings.

Then, uncover repeat infringers, identify regions to focus on, and measure the economic impact of your actions.

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Get Your Time Back

Focus on your core tasks. Invest just a few minutes to oversee results and relevant cases.

Remove Constantly

Scan the internet 24/7 and process a high volume of incidents. Take action right away thanks to automation.

Rinse & Repeat

Keep track. Leverage historical data, and make better-informed business decisions.


“It’s the speed and the volume, and the ability to attack hundreds of listings at once – I think that’s the biggest advantage”

Francis Costello,
COO at 100%

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