The Brand Protection software to stop counterfeits at scale

Dealing with high volumes of counterfeits is not easy.
Add Automation and get the job done faster.

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Want to achieve more with less effort?

If you are dealing with high levels of Intellectual Property infringements, going through every single one manually is simply not possible.

Automation coupled with IP experts’ expertise can help you detect higher volumes of potential infringements faster, freeing you from repetitive micro-tasks while giving you back precious time to focus on more important projects.

Red Points Brand Protection software helps you save time and money by scanning your top priorities marketplaces and social media channels to identify the biggest threats to your brand reputation and customers.

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The payback of using brand protection technology

Get your time back

Focus on your core tasks. Invest just a few minutes a week to oversee your brand protection results and relevant cases.

Hit your target

Scan the internet 24/7, process a high volume of incidents, and take action right away thanks to automation.

Rinse & repeat

Keep track of all your Brand Protection actions, leverage historical data, and make informed decisions time after time.

How do we apply technology to help you meet your needs

Identify potential infringements of your products across marketplaces & sites through our continuous bot-powered search


Our technology automatically enforces violations 24/7 to cope with counterfeiting activity


See the outcome of your brand protection actions, and review what you are gaining back from IP infringements

Why leading brands choose Red Points Brand Protection software

Red Points Brand protection Software prevents and responds to any cases of unauthorized trademark use and illicit retail, of either genuine or counterfeit products. It, therefore, protects your brand from loss of revenue, declining sales, and crucial damage to brand equity.

Automatically searches the web for infringements

Using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning we will help you optimize your efforts over time. These technologies allow you to recognize parameters from your detection story, and get new search terms to widen your protection scope.

Apply end-to-end automation

This will help you increase your reach and process IP infringements faster. Thanks to automation you can streamline the review process.

Combine the power of image recognition, logo recognition, image fingerprinting, and image-based search to find more potential infringements and remove them faster.

Automated and unlimited enforcement

There is no cap to safeguard your brand. Having limitless detections and enforcements will provide you with non-stop protection.

Access to Brand Protection Experts

You are not alone. Our team of industry experts constantly look for new infringing sources and trends to enable a proactive approach.

Helping 900+ brands

If you have 15 mins, you can see Red Points in action with your brand

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