Reveal the identity of unknown sellers

Automatically match sellers data to discover who is selling your products

Discover how it works

Track down grey sellers

Red Points’ Clustering technology scans websites, marketplaces, and social media profiles to match data and identify who is selling your products online


Connect sellers and discover contact information in common


Prioritise who you should focus your efforts on first


Get contact details in one place to get in touch with them


Obtain key insights and make informed decisions

See the big picture

Identify trends and selling patterns to track down your distribution network

Risk score

Identify high-risk sellers and see what groups stand out and are more likely to affect your brand

Helicopter view

See all the sellers clusters at once, and obtain a unified view of all the detected info

Evolution over time

Understand how each cluster is formed with up-to-date data

Expansive approach, accurate results




domains monitored


sellers database

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