Protect the revenue of your digital goods

Red Points’ Credential Defense solution allows you to enforce the illegitimate sale of your digital products in online marketplaces

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Safeguard your software licenses

Keep your digital goods protected in three main steps:


Scan marketplaces using bot-powered search and detect online infringements


Validate infringements through anonymous test purchases and get real evidence


Take down and block activation keys that are infringing your digital rights

Ensure your keys & credentials are protected

Main ways in which infringers abuse your digital rights:

Account sharing

Login credentials that give multiple users access to your product under one single account.

Activation Code sharing

Activation keys are sold to different users to access and install your digital product.

Partner with IP experts

Companies around the world choose Red Points’ Digital Rights Violation solution to safeguard their copyright for many reasons:


  • 900+ clients
  • Advanced technology


  • Flat monthly fee
  • No set-up cost


  • 24/7 protection
  • Fast enforcement

Obtain detailed results


Enforcement Success Rate in Digital Rights Violation infringements

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