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With Red Points’ Domain Management platform you will be able to detect, monitor, and claim domains that are using your trademark

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Stop phantom competitors from stealing you

Cybercriminals search for weak domain security, leading to all kinds of problems for your business, including


Claiming domains and taking advantage of your brand with bad-faith intent


Using your brand name to pass as an official channel and commit fraud

Revenue loss

Stealing traffic from your sales channels, and eroding your customers' trust

Recover what’s rightfully yours

It may be impossible to preemptively purchase all domains that could be related to your business. That’s why a monitoring system is necessary. A domain monitoring tool can tell you when someone registers a spoofed domain.

“Red Points’ Domain Management platform helps you keep your domains online and running smoothly, so customers will trust your website”

How Red Points works

A simple workflow to manage your domain portfolio in 3 main steps:

Set up

Activate your domain management platform


Find all domains that have been registered using your trademark


Keep your eyes open. Monitor new domains created 24/7

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