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Brand protection Protection from brand infringements on the Internet

We protect your brand and intelectual property rights from counterfeits and other infringements on the Internet.


Potential situations

Counterfeit products

The sale through digital channels of illegal products that infringe designs or trademarks (counterfeits, copies, imitations…)

Fake webpages and profiles

Web pages, accounts, profiles in social networks and other forms of corporate identity or brand impersonation.


Fraudulent registration of domain names that reproduce registered trademarks. Protection from registrations of new gTLDs

Apps and digital products

Mobile apps and other products (games, wallpapers, multimedia) that infringe trademarks or intellectual property rights.

Brand infringement

Undue exploitation of brand reputation (promotions, advertisements, draws, etc.), false declarations of association or sponsorship and other specific client issues.

Monitoring of proper exploitation

Monitoring of proper brand exploitation by authorised partners and adjustment to the rules and style guides set by the owner.

Customers and their Industries

Popular brands

Major brands and companies that, due to their reputability, attract attempts of undue exploitation of their distinctive designs and reputation...

Exclusive brands

luxury brands that generate a high volume of counterfeits and non-authorised copies of their products.

  • Fashion and luxury

    clothes and accessories

  • Design products

    lamps, furniture…

  • Pharmaceuticals

    medicines and parapharmacy

  • Perfumery and cosmetics

    perfumes, cosmetics, beauty products...

  • Consumer electronics

    computers, television sets, phones, cameras…)

  • Watch and jewellery industries

    jewels, watches and other luxury goods

  • Toys

    manufacturers of toys and other entertainment products

  • Sports

    clubs and brands, sports goods, event organisers…

The costs of piracy Protect your brand

600 Billion euros

is the value of the counterfeit market

25% of ecommerce transactions

are counterfeit products

10% of global commerce

constitutes counterfeit products

Now’s the time to protect your brand

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