Unauthorized Seller Removal

Automatically find and remove gray market listings to protect your brand and distribution network

How we remove unauthorized sellers


Identify unauthorized sellers on marketplaces, websites, and social media 24/7

Bot-powered search

Scan marketplaces, websites, and social media for unauthorized sellers every hour

Photo analysis

Image recognition technology scans photos to identify unauthorized sellers

Self-improving detection

Machine learning suggests new rules and keyword opportunities

Paul Hewitt Classic $129.00 Add to cart Paul Hewitt KEYWORD SEARCH Classic


Automatically enforce against unauthorized sellers or review detections and decide

Automation rules

Set up rules that instantly start the enforcement process for unauthorized sellers

Validation cards

Use image cards to validate, pause or discard detected incidents

High-risk shortlist

Prioritize which potential infringements require your attention

INFRINGEMENT CONFIRMATION Luxury Paul Hewitt Classic, Watch, Fashion. $129.00 ADD AUTOMATION RULE Condition Select Price < $25 Price < $30 Price < $35 Action Select Discard High risk Enforce


See the impact of your brand protection actions

Performance dashboards

Get full visibility into unauthorized sellers activities at a glance

Output reports

Measure the impact of your actions through different report templates

Data extraction

Use data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API


How unauthorized sellers impact your business

Unauthorized sellers are a threat to:


  • Being sold through non-official channels
  • Shrinking your value
  • Diverting revenue


  • Losing control over sales channels
  • Competing with your official partners
  • Increasing price race to the bottom


  • Offering products without warranty
  • Increasing complaints
  • Generating negative reviews

30M links

processed on
a daily basis

1.5 days

takedown time

1.000+ clients

from all industries


What is an unauthorized seller?

An authorized seller is any third-party retailer who does not have an official relationship with your company – and has no right to buy your products to resell them to customers – but nevertheless begins selling and advertising your products.

With the Red Points’ software, you can take advantage of machine learning and AI to uncover unauthorized sellers of your products online, whether legitimate or not.

How do I monitor and report unauthorized sellers?

Red Points can act as your digital eyes and ears in that it scans online stores and channels to detect unauthorized sellers. The software gathers data and provides incident evidence, which can be actioned swiftly through automated workflows, allowing brand owners to act almost immediately when there is an infringing listing. 

If you have 15 mins, you can see Red Points in action with your brand

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