An enterprise brand protection solution that adapts to your needs

With Red Points’ Enterprise Brand protection, you get speed, accuracy, and a dedicated team of experts to protect your brand 24/7

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1,300+ companies trust Red Points to protect their brands and customers


Cover your full enterprise brand exposure under one roof

Keep your products safe from counterfeits online using AI Enterprise Brand Protection technology to streamline the full process from detection to removal

Discover who is selling your original products and takedown gray market listings from unauthorized vendors

Monitor your official distribution network and notify non-compliant resellers

“Red Points identifies potentially infringing sales channels and will automatically prepare necessary filings to start the takedown process. Red Points’ Enterprise Brand Protection system effectively complements a blockchain tracking solution”

Emerging Technology Analysis: Protecting Consumer Brands With Blockchain, 2020


Customized Enterprise Brand Protection solutions based on your needs

Define the features, services, and coverage that suit your business needs

Leverage a dedicated team that will proactively define a tailored brand protection strategy with you

Get personalized dashboards, reports, and integrations with your own data tools

“The metrics, graphs, and dashboards are very helpful because they help me visualize in a very concrete and easy way what exactly is going on with the takedown procedures”

Evan Feldstein, Vice General Manager and General Counsel at FOREO


An extension of your Enterprise Brand Protection team

Leverage a dedicated team of industry experts that will increase your day-to-day resources

Decide what level of delegation works best for you: from a fully managed service to the self-served use of our Enterprise Brand Protection technology by your in-house team

Stay on top of the latest trends that our IP & Brand Protection experts uncover by working with 1,200+ brands and hundreds of online platforms

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. After an in-depth analysis of a brand’s current issues with counterfeits and distribution abuse, we set up our Enterprise Brand Protection platform and assign the right experts to meet their brand protection goals.”

Oli Bolton, Head of Solution Engineering at Red Points


Smooth transition, no service interruption

Make provider migration painless. We get you onboarded before ending your contract with your current provider at no extra cost

Do not lose data. We upload all your historical information into the Red Points platform

Action starts on day one. Platform and teams will be finding, enforcing, and reporting from the very beginning

"The onboarding was extremely easy. Within a matter of days, all our information was uploaded onto Red Points’ Enterprise Brand Protection platform. This meant we were able to hit the ground running and see results pretty quickly”

Leading sportswear manufacturer - Ecommerce Manager


Cut infringements at the source

Uncover and prioritize top infringing sellers by stock, transactions, value, and more

Reveal repeat infringers’ identity by connecting hundreds of seller data points

Verify counterfeit and gray market infringements through anonymous purchases and collect strong evidence

“Red Points’ Enterprise Brand Protection clustering technology helps us to identify networks of infringers and connect the dots”

Global Brand & Channel Protection Manager at CNH

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