Red Points Assists FOREO in Battle against Counterfeiters


FOREO and Red Points Announce Continued Partnership to Drive IP Protection in 2020 and Beyond

BARCELONA – (March. 4th, 2020) — Red Points, the world’s first brand intelligence platform and the global leader in online IP infringement detection and removal, announced today that its ongoing partnership with beauty tech pioneer FOREO has made significant progress in its campaign to detect and remove counterfeit products from online marketplaces. In the last two years working with Red Points, FOREO was able to remove more than 11,000 counterfeits from 180 marketplaces, totaling over $2 million in value. 

Since beginning its partnership with Red Points over two years ago, FOREO has successfully accomplished several objectives, including improving brand reputation, increasing consumer awareness of the dangers of buying counterfeit beauty products, improving online product reviews, and successfully detecting and removing counterfeit, brand abuse, and copyright infringement listings from online marketplaces around the globe. 

“From the beginning, FOREO has put our customers’ user experience and safety first, and eliminating counterfeits online is the best way to ensure that consumers are receiving quality products,” said Evan Feldstein, Vice General Manager and General Counsel for FOREO. “Partnering with Red Points has enabled us to take our brand protection efforts to another level with its AI and machine learning-driven platform. The beauty industry is notorious for counterfeits and bad actors, but our partnership with Red Points allows us to have the upper hand.” 

Fake beauty products — ranging from makeup to brushes, and electronic tools like FOREO’s LUNA 3 — have quickly become a serious problem around the world. According to Red Points’ proprietary data, there has been a 20 percent increase in confirmed intellectual property infringements for beauty and personal care products between 2018-2019. 

“When counterfeit goods are purchased, not only do brands suffer from lost revenue and damaged brand perception, but consumers are also put at risk of exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals and ingredients, or hazardous faulty parts like leaky lithium batteries,” said Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points. “Counterfeiters are constantly changing their strategies to deceive consumers in new ways, so we are happy to be able to provide the necessary technology for FOREO to detect and take down millions of dollars worth of fake products.” 

FOREO, founded in 2013 and based in Sweden, designs and sells innovative and highly-effective beauty-tech tools including its popular LUNA facial cleansing brushes and ISSA toothbrushes. The company recently won a landmark court case in China, where it was awarded the largest counterfeit-related payout for design infringement in Shanghai Intellectual Property Court history.

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