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Red Point’s Ecommerce Brand Protection Service automatically finds and removes spoofing ecommerce sites that take advantage of your brand

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Why scammers create fake ecommerce websites?

Scammers can steal your content and upload it under a fake ecommerce website in a matter of minutes for several purposes:

Divert Traffic

Creating ads under the genuine brand name and stealing traffic

Sell Counterfeits

Using look-alike sites that mimic your official website

Commit Fraud

Creating phishing ecommerce sites to steal users’ personal and financial information

How our Ecommerce Brand Protection solution can keep your brand safe

Red Points’ Ecommerce Brand Protection solution scans search engines and domain databases to automatically detect and report fake ecommerce websites in 3 main steps:


Detect fake ecommerce websites on:

  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Domain databases


Report domain takedown right away:

  • Domain registrant
  • CMS platform
  • Server hosting


Stop repeat infringers:

  • Uncover scammer’s identity
  • Leverage data and take legal actions

Types of ecommerce phishing sites

Fake ecommerce websites attempt to pass themselves as the legitimate channel of one or more brands. They appear in several formats, the most common are:

Multi-brand ecommerce webstores

Selling counterfeit products from various brands illegitimately

Look-alike ecommerce webstores

Selling your brand and mimicking your
official site

How fake and phishing ecommerce websites impact your business

When someone copies your official website, they put at risk:


  • Increasing complaints
  • Shrinking your value
  • Reducing loyalty


  • Buying low-quality products
  • Sharing sensitive information
  • Becoming fraud and phishing victims


  • Reducing traffic
  • Diverting investment
  • Decreasing revenue

How KEEN stopped thousands of fake ecommerce websites with Red Points

Red Points in numbers


enforcement success rate on fake ecommerce websites removal

1-7 days

average domain
takedown time

1,200+ clients

from all industries


What is brand protection for ecommerce, and why do I need it?

Brand protection for ecommerce is a comprehensive strategy designed to safeguard your brand’s reputation, intellectual property, and revenue on digital platforms. It encompasses proactive monitoring, detection, and enforcement against various threats your brand may face online. You need it because the internet is a vast and dynamic marketplace where counterfeits, unauthorized sellers, and brand abuse can flourish. Without proper protection, these threats can damage your brand’s integrity, erode consumer trust, and impact your sales negatively.

How does brand protection work in ecommerce?

Brand protection in ecommerce operates on multiple fronts. It starts with the continuous monitoring of online marketplaces, websites, and search engines for counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers, and any instances of trademark or copyright infringement. Detection is followed by swift and strategic enforcement, which includes sending cease-and-desist letters, submitting takedown requests to e-commerce platforms, and, when necessary, pursuing legal action against infringing parties. The goal is to remove unauthorized listings and counterfeits promptly while preventing their reappearance.

What are the common threats to my brand on e-commerce platforms?

Your brand faces a range of threats in the e-commerce space, including but not limited to:
– Counterfeit products that mimic your brand’s offerings.
– Unauthorized sellers who may sell your products without your consent.
– Trademark infringements, where others use your brand’s name or logo without permission.
– Copyright violations, such as the unauthorized use of your product images or content.
– Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations, which can affect your pricing control.
– Product diversion, where your products are sold through unauthorized channels or regions.

How can I get started with brand protection for my ecommerce business?

To begin brand protection for your ecommerce business, reach out to a reputable brand protection service provider. They will typically offer a consultation to assess your specific needs and challenges. Based on this assessment, they will create a customized strategy to protect your brand online, ensuring a proactive and effective approach to safeguarding your brand’s reputation and revenue.

What are the benefits of brand protection for ecommerce?

The benefits of brand protection for ecommerce are numerous and include:
– Maintaining brand integrity and reputation.
– Enhancing consumer trust and loyalty.
– Protecting revenue by reducing sales of counterfeit products.
– Ensuring consumers receive genuine and safe products.
– Maintaining control over pricing and distribution channels.
– Mitigating legal and financial risks associated with brand abuse.
– Safeguarding the long-term value of your brand.

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