B Corp Certification

We are a B Corp certified Company

Red Points is a certified B Corp company. This is an exclusive distinction that recognizes an organization’s rigorous social and environmental credentials and its commitment to inclusion, equity, and regenerative initiatives.

Through its fight against fraudulent ecommerce and fraud, Red Points advocates for a more just, safe, and sustainable digital world.

1.000+ brands trust Red Points to recover their digital revenue

How does a business become B Corp certified?

Selected by B Lab

B Corp is an accreditation given to a very select number of businesses by B Lab, a nonprofit organization based out of the United States that judges the efforts of businesses to benefit the environment, their workers, and the community.

Social and Environmental Performance

B Corp certification can only be achieved by meeting the high standards of B Lab sets for what they consider excellent “social and environmental performance”.
To date, only around 6,000 businesses around the globe have achieved B Corp certification.

Continued Commitment to Excellence

Once given B Corp certification, businesses are continuously reassessed on a three year basis to ensure they are continuously keeping up with the rigorous standards set in place by B Lab.

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Why is Red Points B Corp certified?


Environmentally conscious use of resources and the reduction of our carbon footprint play a big role in our policy development.


We actively participate in charity with regular fundraisers or partnerships with foundations that aim to make the world a better place for all.


Red Points employees have ample resources dedicated to preserving their well-being, providing them with additional opportunities for growth personally and professionally.


Red Points’ social and environmental impact, ethics, and transparency are all central considerations throughout its decision-making process as a business.

Ongoing Pledge

Diversity & Inclusion

  • 29 nationalities represented in our offices.
  • We speak more than 25 languages.

Gender Equity

  • 50% of Red Points Board of Directors are female.
  • 44% of total employees are female.
  • 50% of the C-Suite are female.
  • 24% of our IT department are female.


  • We produce all our merchandise locally.
  • In 2020, we reduced paper consumption by 31.78% compared to 2019.
  • We recycle properly.

What do our customers say about us?

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