Steering clear of counterfeits

With over 2,000 counterfeits removed in just 4 months with Red Points, MOMO’s brand protection has gone up a gear


Enforced infringements


Value of counterfeit products enforced


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The challenge

After building the renowned racing brand for over 50 years, MOMO’s popularity started attracting counterfeits that threatened their global reputation.

Though experts in creating world-class racing products, MOMO struggled to keep the fake products online under control. They knew they needed a real solution to their issues before they caused long-term damage.

The Solution

Red Points brought a technological brand protection solution to MOMO, and offers them a way to deal with their counterfeiting and brand abuse problems that they never knew was possible.

Using features of artificial intelligence, keyword monitoring, and machine learning, MOMO is able to protect their brand on 35 different websites across the world. Potential infringements can be validated with a single click on Red Points’ platform, saving employees hours of time each week.

The Result

With over 2,000 listings removed, with a product value of over $400,000, MOMO no longer needs to worry about fake products online.

Now, the MOMO brand can focus on what matters: creating high-quality, aesthetic products for professionals and amateur drivers alike, and growing their brand internationally.

About MOMO
MOMO started in 1964 when gentleman driver Gianpiero Moretti created a special steering wheel for racing. Very soon, other racers had taken notice of Moretti’s new accessory, and within a year the MOMO steering wheel was used in a Formula One race-winning car.

Since then, MOMO has expanded greatly, and now creates a wide array of auto racing products and consumer driving accessories.
Automotive industry
Milan, Italy

Automotive industry

“We needed to find a solution to this problem, and that’s why we were looking for a partner like Red Points”

Matteo Gianotti,
Marketing Manager at MOMO

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