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Cookies Policy

¿What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website puts on your computer, phone or any other device with internet access, which contains information about the navigation on that website. We use different types of cookies in order to improve your experience on our site, without advertising material. These cookies do not have any specific personal data and most of them last only during your session. To ensure that you can make full use of our website, your computer, tablet or mobile device will need to enable cookies. Cookies do not harm your computer; they are useful for providing an easy navigation and make it friendlier.

¿What types of cookies do we use?

  • Technical cookies: these cookies allow the user to navigate through our website, platform or application and the use of different options or services that exist such as traffic control and data communication, session identification, access to restricted access areas, use of security features during navigation, storage of content for the broadcast of videos or sound of share content through social networks.
  • Personalization cookies: these cookies allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics based on a series of criteria in the user’s terminal such as the language, the type of browser used to access our website, country of origin, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: they allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the statistical measurement and analysis of the use that the users of the offered service make. They can be treated by us or by third parties. For this, we analyze its navigation on our website with the aim of improving our offer of products or services.
  • Advertising cookies: they allow us to manage as effectively as possible the offer of advertising space on the website, adapting the content of the advertisement to the content of the service requested or to the use you make of our website. We can analyze your Internet browsing habits and we can show you advertising related to your browsing profile. They can be treated by us or by third parties.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: These are the ones that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces that, if applicable, the publisher has included in a webpage, application or platform from which the service is provided. These cookies store information of the behavior of the users obtained through the continuous observation of their habits of navigation, which allows developing a specific profile to show advertising.


Cookie Purpose Owner Lifetime Domain
cookie-agreed It informs if cookies policy has been accepted by user in order to not show the message again 3 months
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE When you create or log in to a Google account, the PREF, HSID, APISID, SID, SSID, SAPIDID, LSID, cookies are stored on your computer in order to stay connected to your Google account when you visit your services again. While you remain with this active session and use add-ons on other websites such as ours, Google will use these cookies to improve your usage experience. In some pages of our Web Site we have YouTube embedded videos, it is a Google service. Its use implies the sending of cookies PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, in addition to the cookies that Google requires if it keeps the active session with its account, in order to visualize the embedded videos, estimate the bandwidth and show how many times it has been reproduced. Google 8 months
YSC Session
SSID Session
SID Session
PREF 2 years
HSID Session
APISID Session
_ga y _gat These cookies are used to collect analytic information about how visitors use our site. Google Analytics 2 years / 10 minutes;;

_dc_gtm_UA These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our site. 1 day
_ceg.s, _ceg.u These cookies track how visitors interact with pages on our site to improve user experience Crazy Egg Inc. 3 months
__ar_v4 This is an advertising cookie related to DoubleClick (Google). Helps with tracking conversion rates for ads Google Adwords 6 years;;

IDE; ID Cookie used by third company for targeting, optimization, reporting, and online ad attribution. 2 years
ajs_anonymous_id Cookie used by third party to identify its users Recruitee 1 year
ajs_group_id 1 year
ajs_user_id 1 year
__hssc; __hssrc; __hstc; hsfirstvisit; hubspotutk These cookies are used to improve our website and provide more personalized services to user both on this website and through other media. Hub Spot From 30 minutes to 10 years
has_js Records whether your browser has JavaScript enabled. Session
__lc.visitor_id. It serves to track the visits made by the same user to the web. These are both ourselves and third party cookies used to provide the online chat service 3 years
__cfduid This cookie is used to override any security restrictions based on the IP address the visitor is coming from. Livechat / Cloudfare
__insp_norec_sess; __insp_nv; __insp_slim; __insp_targlpt; __insp_targlpu; __insp_wid Third party cookies on some of our websites to allow users to introduce comments. The expiration date of cookies varies, some expire at the end of the session, and others expire after one or two years. LiveChat


From session to 1 year;;


common_iwcs_0 Third party cookie used to provide the online chat Session
main_window_timestamp; main_window_timestamp0; recent_window; message_text; 3rdparty Third party cookie used to provide the online chat Session
promocode Third party cookie used to provide the online chat 3 months
__livechat Allows for the use of the Third Party tool ‘Live Chat’ that is used 2 years
__livechat_lastvisit Allows for the use of the Third Party tool ‘Live Chat’ that is used 2 years
Lc_invitation_opened; lc_window_state Cookie to control the chat online service. Session
_bizo_bzid; _bizo_cksm; _bizo_np_stats Cookies from third party to personalize advertising. Bizo/Linkedin 1 year;;

autoinvite_callback Cookie needed to recognize a computer when a user visits the website in order to provide support via chat Session
csrftoken Cookie needed to defend the server from cross-domain requests 1 year
__smtoken; smListBuilderShown; __smListBuilderOptOut Used by third party provider to identify logged in user; used by third party provider whether the panel proposing to subscribe is visible or not SumoME Perpetual; 1 month; 10 years
di2; uid; bt2; loc; uvc; vc; um; ssc; __atuvc;   __atuvs Used by AddThis. We use the AddThis service to allow visitors to share our website via social networks and email. AddThis From 30 minutes to 2 years
Random; ie: SSESSS33e8c5ba2062e87edccfef5; webform_40[1480338110] We use these cookies to identify the user of a session. From 1 day to 3 weeks

Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in cookies from our website is used exclusively by us, except for those of third parties, which are used and managed by third companies and by us for statistical purposes.

This website may use services of third parties that, on their own, collect information for statistical purposes, use of the website by the user and for the provision of other services related to the activity of the web and other Internet services.

For instance, we use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google that allows us to obtain information about users’ access to our website. An example of the data stored for further analysis are: the number of times the user visited the website, dates of the user’s first and last visit, duration of visits, page from which the user accessed the website, place of the world from which the user accesses, etc. You can obtain more information here about the cookies you use and how to disable them (understanding that we are not responsible for the content or veracity of third party websites).

In some parts of web are embedded Youtube videos. Cookies implemented by Google on any page that includes a Youtube video are used to measure the number and behavior of YouTube users, including the information linking the visit to our Website with your Google account in the event you have Activates a session. Here you can find more information about cookies used by Google.

Additionally, we use cookies for the use of our chat support service, belonging to LiveChat Inc. based in the United States, 405 North Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Its use is exclusive for the chat service customization and is eliminated at the end of the session. For more information on the use of these cookies you can check here the privacy policy of LiveChat Inc. Cookies section.

Also we work with AddThis, a technology company based in 1595 Spring Hill Road Suite 300, Vienna, VA 22182, United States that allows websites and their users to share contents easily with each other, by means of exchange icons and social bookmarking sites. AddThis cookies are used to allow content to be shared. AddThis is also used to find out how content is shared in the website. More information on AddThis cookies at

How to control and disable the cookies?

As a supplementary guarantee to those described above, registration of cookies may be subject to your acceptance during the installation or updating of the browser, and this acceptance may be revoked at any time by the content and privacy settings available.

Many browsers allow you to activate a private browsing option whereby cookies are always deleted after your visit. Depending on each browser, this private navigation may have different names.

The user may – at any time – choose which cookies he wants to work on this website by modifying the browser settings. By way of example we facilitate access to the instructions of the most common browsers:

  • Chrome: you can obtain information regarding management of your cookies and how to disable on:
  • Explorer: you can obtain information regarding management of your cookies and how to disable on:
  • Firefox: you can obtain information regarding management of your cookies and how to disable on:
  • Safari: you can obtain information regarding management of your cookies and how to disable on:

Should you need any further information regarding the use we made of cookies, contact with us through