Corporate Social Responsibility

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Red Points’ mission is to make the Internet a safer place for brands and consumers.

We pursue this goal through cutting-edge technology and a sense of responsibility for our citizens, society and planet. 

Diversity & Inclusion

35 nationalities are represented in our offices. We speak more than 25 languages.

Gender Equity

  • 41% of total employees are female
  • 42.85% of Red Points C-Suite are women

We are an eco-friendly company, and so is our office. How?


  • We produce all our sustainable merchandising, such as metal waters and tote bags, locally
  • We create as much natural light as possible
  • We have reduced paper consumption by 31,78%
  • We recycle properly

Supporting Nonprofit Organizations

We show our clients we care by doing 150+ donations every year on their behalf

Our numbers talk

Corporate Social Responsibility

23% of our IT department are women.