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Detect and monitor domains that take advantage of your brand with our domain portfolio software

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Domain Management


Discover all the registered domains that are infringing your trademark

  • Get an up to date historical list with all the domains registered using a trademark
  • Monitor and see all the new registered domains that are using your trademark
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Execute resolution processes to suspend, cancel or recover domains

  • Send personalized requests, negotiate, and follow-up with domain owners
  • Make transfer requests, and submit complaints to the competent administrative institutions
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Secure your domain portfolio from external threats with our domain portfolio management software

  • Identify domain portfolio gaps and take action
  • Manage, acquire, and register domains taking into consideration territorial administrative procedures and mediation processes
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What is domain management software?

Domain management software is a tool that businesses use in order to monitor, maintain, and protect the domain of their website from bad actors and fraudsters. Red Points’ Domain Management Tool allows businesses to detect and monitor domains that take advantage of their brand using our domain portfolio software.

How do you manage domain names?

If your domain name includes a registered trademark or has already been registered as a trademark itself, then managing domain names can be as simple as detecting registered domains that infringe upon your trademark and filing a claim to have them suspended, canceled, or recovered. Especially, when you use a domain name management software for this purpose.

What are the benefits of using a domain portfolio management software?

Using a domain portfolio management software offers several benefits. Firstly, a domain management tool provides centralized control and organization of domain names, allowing businesses to efficiently manage and track their domain portfolio. Secondly, it simplifies domain registration and renewal processes, ensuring that domains are renewed on time and preventing potential disruptions to online services. Additionally, with Red Points’ Domain Management Software, businesses can detect and address domains that are infringing on their intellectual property, whether it be intentional, such as the case of phishing sites, or unintentional, which can happen from time to time.

Who should use a domain name management software?

Every business that relies on its website for revenue should have some form of domain management process in place, however for smaller-scale businesses a manual approach may be sufficient for most circumstances. In the case of medium to enterprise-sized companies, there is an increased risk of being targeted by scammers and bad actors in a domain impersonation scam, which is why for these businesses an “always on” domain portfolio management software, such as Red Points’ Domain Management Tool is recommended.

How does a domain management software work?

Domain name management software leverages your legal rights as an intellectual property owner to detect infringers that are registered domain names that infringe upon your intellectual property rights. These detected infringements are often scam websites that have been developed with the intention of scamming your customers or website visitors by including slight variations or misspellings of your domain name, many times these infringing domains appear indistinguishable from your real website at first glance. This type of fraud can be very effective at claiming victims quickly and ultimately lead business or website owners to deal with a slew of bad reviews or disgruntled users with misdirected frustration.

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