Get Damages Payouts for Trademark Infringement Straight to Your Bank Account

Shut down counterfeiters’ accounts permanently, freeze their funds and recover large compensatory fees within 3 to 6 months.

1,200+ brands trust Red Points to recover their digital revenue

Why Choose the Revenue Recovery Program

Red Points’ Revenue Recovery Program offers your business access to world-class AI technology and a team of experts to undertake legal action against infringers.

Disruptive solution

Unique approach combining online and offline state-of-the-art brand protection strategies.

Transparent pricing

No extra cost for you: all work is done on a contingency basis once you join Red Points.

Guaranteed ROI

Tourn your brand protection efforts into a new revenue stream for your business.

Win Large Statutory Damages for Every Infringement of Your Trademark

The Revenue Recovery Program eliminates costly and time-intensive IP litigation processes. We collect evidence and initiate legal action on your behalf to recover funds that are rightfully yours.

Legal action

Lawsuit filed against up to 200 sellers from relevant marketplaces

Account shut down

Statutory damages for trademark and copyright infringement are requested

Monetary compensations

Large economic compensations are awarded to our client

We Protect your Brand 24/7

Red Points scans major global marketplaces to detect counterfeiters exploiting your trademark or copyright and shipping their products into the US.

Our Intellectual Property Litigation & Enforcement Solution Recovers Revenue for all your Assets:


Statutory damages of up to $150,000


Statutory damages of up to $2 million

Design patents

Awards are based on the full amount that is in the sellers’ accounts

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Percentage of cases won


Average compensation fee recovered for customers

4.5 months

Average time from case filing to compensation in client’s bank account

“The onboarding process was simple since everything is integrated within the validation workflow in the Red Points platform. Red Points provided insightful guidelines”

General Counsel at major

U.S. based sports brand

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