Revenue Recovery Program


  • Revenue Recovery Program in the US, where we join 150-200 individual e-commerce sellers in one lawsuit and seek a temporary restraining order freezing the defendants’ assets and removing their infringing lists.
  • After the funds have been frozen and the listings removed, we seek a preliminary injunction order against the defendants and proceed to negotiate settlements with a portion of them.
  • Any defendants we have not settled with, we file a default judgment against. The default judgment award orders the e-commerce platforms and other financial institutions to release the defendants’ funds into our trust account, to which the client is entitled a percentage of, thereby creating a new revenue stream for the client, as well as permanently removing counterfeit listings.
  • We seek statutory damages for copyright infringement (up to $150,000) and trademark infringements (up to $2 million). The initial recovery from the default judgment normally just partially satisfies the awards, so as time goes on we continue to serve the judgment on other payment providers to recover as much as possible.
  • All work is done on a contingency basis and the client is never liable for any fees, regardless of the outcome or total amount of defendants’ frozen assets recovered.

As per cost, this has no cost for you. We work on a contingency basis, which means that only in case of success (meaning that the judge awards damages in your favor), Red Points and our legal partners would take a percentage.