Red Points Partners with Centralnic to Strengthen IP Solution


New York – December 7th, 2020 – Red Points, the first brand intelligence platform and global leader in online IP infringement detection and removal, announced today their official partnership with the world’s best domain registry platform, CentralNic Brand Services, to create an end-to-end brand protection experience, utilizing both companies’ combined technologies to deliver speed, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

With offices in New York, Barcelona, Beijing and Salt Lake City, Red Points’ brand protection software utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and remove online counterfeits at scale. With the help of artificial intelligence, such as keyword generation and image recognition, the company is able to process information retrieved across over 5,000 online marketplaces, websites and social media platforms to detect and enforce counterfeits and piracy all while accumulating rich actionable data.

Headquartered in London, with offices across the world, CentralNic Brand Services is the trusted global leader in domain portfolio management for corporations and enterprise businesses. CentralNic’s domain experts deliver unparalleled service in domain management, portfolio optimization and online security tailored specifically to the needs of large and high-growth businesses. With customized assistance and personal support, CentralNic Brand Services helps companies navigate through the complexities of domain portfolio management while reducing costs and ensuring the right level of coverage and protection. CentralNic Brand Services is a division of CentralNic Group, one of the largest domain registrar and registry services groups on the planet, managing over 45 million domains for hundreds of thousands of retail, corporate customers and resellers worldwide.

“Our customers have been in need of a fully-featured anti-counterfeiting solution for a while, and we have been looking for the right technology company to partner with,” said Haydn Simpson, head of sales at CentralNic Brand Services. “We selected Red Points because of its holistic service and comprehensive IP expertise. We have no doubt it is the best provider for our clients’ needs.”

“At Red Points, our mission is to make the Internet a safer place for brands and consumers,” said Laura Urquizu, CEO and chairperson at Red Points. “This partnership with CentralNic will offer a 360-degree solution protecting the entire range of IP assets of our clients.”

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