Red Points Opens Office in Beijing and Upgrades Platform


New Office and Upgraded Platform Boost the Industry’s Top Anti-Counterfeiting Solution During Digital Shift brought on by COVID-19

BEIJING – (June 10th, 2020) — Red Points, the world’s first brand intelligence platform and the global leader in online IP infringement detection and removal, announced today that it is continuing to expand its international footprint with a new office location in Beijing, with plans to enter Shanghai next year.  

At a time when the world is turning to e-commerce more than ever, online piracy and counterfeiting are accelerating at lightning speed. Consumers are more vulnerable to purchasing counterfeit goods, and brands are in need of advanced IP infringement protection. Given China’s dynamic marketplace and vast digital channels that connect sellers and consumers, the new office enables Red Points to strengthen its local relationships and better protect its clients’ revenue online.

“China is home to some of the biggest players in e-commerce and social media, where retailers – and counterfeiters – are constantly finding new, innovative ways to interact with customers. For example,  social channels like WeChat and Weibo give scammers more opportunities to exploit these platforms and prey on unsuspecting consumers, which has only intensified as shoppers everywhere have no choice but to rely on e-commerce,” said Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points. “This makes it almost impossible for brands to achieve full visibility into their online presence. The best way to protect our customers is to get closer to our local partners and in the center of where these emerging markets are, which is why we decided to open our Beijing office.”

To better narrow in on targets, Red Points has also expanded the brand protection offering on its platform with Natural Language Processing and Clustering capabilities, which allows brands to automatically find the identity behind online counterfeit sellers.  

Red Points’ seller clustering enables brands to go a step beyond identifying infringement instances by grouping sellers together and connecting the dots to discover which of them are actually the same entity. For instance, a seller can create multiple shops that appear to be different, but upon closer inspection, each website can be traced back to the same source. By matching data points from websites, social media profiles, and marketplaces listings, the Red Points platform reveals infringers’ identity and helps brands prioritize which sellers they should work toward shutting down first.

With offices in Barcelona, New York, Salt Lake City, and now Beijing, Red Points offers 24-hour assistance and coverage for clients. Since its foundation, the company has received several rounds of investment totaling $64M, from firms including Mangrove Capital Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Northzone and Summit Partners.