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Spot fake accounts on Instagram & take action in minutes

Detect and get rid of Instagram scams easily with Red Points' all-in-one AI-led platform. Same-day setup, unlimited monitoring, and swift removal.

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Stop fraud and scams on Instagram

Whether bad actors are targeting your brand to make a quick buck or looking to mislead your customers into sharing their personal information, we've got you covered.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Start protecting your brand on Instagram within minutes. Get started swiftly with Red Points' user-friendly platform.

1. Submit your trademark

Once you've submitted a registered trademark, it's time to get set-up on Red Points' Impersonation Lite Our solution is specifically designed to help businesses protect their brand and remove fake accounts quickly and efficiently.

2. Create filters for your official accounts

Once you've signed up for Red Points, it's time to create filters for your official accounts. This is an essential step in ensuring that your brand is properly represented on Instagram.

3. Monitor & enforce fake accounts

Monitor your profile for fake accounts that attempt to impersonate your brand. If any fake accounts are identified, you will get notified in the the platform and will be able to validate infringement of your brand.

Financial Services

"We experience fake social media accounts from time to time. With Red Points' help these accounts get taken down within 24hr."

Nick Yang,
Head of Marketing at Jacaranda Finance

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Impersonation Lite

For rising brands and products

$399/month $250/month

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    Impersonation Full Plan

    For global brands with large portfolios

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      Platform covered


      All major social media platforms, mobile apps, websites

      Monitoring frequency

      Automatically monitor platforms once per day to find impersonation cases of your brand

      Automatically monitor platforms once per day to find impersonation cases of your brand

      Takedown limits

      Unlimited takedowns

      Unlimited takedowns

      Number of assets covered

      1 trademark

      Unlimited trademarks

      Automation & detection rules engine

      Detection based on authorized and unauthorized sellers & official Instagram accounts

      Full rules engines, image & logo recognition technology


      Automated self-service enforcement using Red Points Tool

      Enforcement using Red Points Tool

      Follow up

      Follow ups & pushbacks managed by you

      Follow ups & pushbacks managed by Red Points


      Self service set-up - Additional costs for onboarding assistance. Basic customer support included

      Onboarding & set-up fully managed by Red Points


      Real time reports and dashboards

      Real time reports and dashboards

      Customer Success manager


      Dedicated Customer Successs Manager & Customer Support


      Impersonation Lite

      How does Red Points help shut down fake Instagram accounts?

      Red Points offers an Instagram removal service specifically designed to combat fake accounts. Once you’ve submitted a valid trademark, our solution enables you to set up filters for your official accounts, monitor your profile for fake accounts, and receive notifications for any identified impersonators.

      How long does it take to set up Red Points' Impersonation Lite?

      The setup process is quick and easy. Once you’ve submitted a valid trademark, you can get started with Red Points’ Instagram removal service within minutes.

      Is Red Points' Impersontion Lite suitable for small businesses?

      Absolutely! Red Points’ Impersonation Lite tool is specifically designed to help small businesses protect their brand. We understand the unique challenges faced by smaller brands and offer a solution that is efficient, effective, and tailored to their needs.

      How does the monitoring feature work?

      Red Points’ monitoring feature continuously scans your Instagram profile for fake accounts attempting to impersonate your brand. If any fake accounts are identified, you will be promptly notified through our platform, allowing you to take immediate action to validate the infringement of your brand.

      What support options are available?

      If you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable support team is available to help you via email or through our customer support portal.

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