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Brand Protection

Detect and take down online counterfeit listings automatically

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Impersonation Removal

Keep social media, app stores, and websites clean from phishers

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How Red Points uses AWS

Top-notch Computing Power

Thanks to AWS, Red Points is able to process over 100M incidents per day. It provides scalability for the company’s technology as well as stable speed.

Data Protection

Red Points’ platform is working 24/7 to detect, validate and remove infringements on their clients’ intellectual property. The data is securely encrypted and stored in AWS.


Innovation is within Red Points’ and AWS’ DNA. Continuous improvement ensures we keep up with rising threats to brands and customers.

How do companies benefit from this partnership?

By combining both services, businesses obtain a holistic and scalable protection against cybercriminals, including counterfeiters and impersonators. Together, we help companies protect their customers, revenues, and reputation.

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