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Identify, prioritize, and take action against high-risk sellers fast

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How the Seller Risk Score works

Red Points' Seller Risk Score helps you become more strategic in your brand protection efforts

Dynamic Evaluation

SRS calculates a dynamic risk score based on sellers' past infringements, reach metrics (stocks, transactions, reviews), and platform risks.

Risk Prioritization

Identify high-risk sellers quickly and prioritize actions to mitigate potential threats.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into seller behavior and make strategic decisions to protect your brand.

Why is the Seller Risk Score helpful?


Stay ahead of infringing sellers and take proactive measures to protect your brand reputation


Streamline your brand protection strategy with targeted actions based on data-driven insights

Comprehensive Solution

 Cover all platforms and sellers to ensure a safe and trustworthy marketplace for your customers

“Very good pulse check, looking into a specific incident. The SRS guides me in the right direction, mindset, and helps me know that they are not only targeting me”

Kyle Jackson

Fraud Prevention Analyst

Take action against high-risk sellers today

How often is the Seller Risk Score (SRS) updated?

The SRS is updated regularly to provide real-time risk assessment for sellers.

Can I integrate Seller Risk Score (SRS) into my existing workflows?

Yes, SRS seamlessly integrates with your workflows, making it easier to prioritize and take action against high-risk sellers.

Is Seller Risk Score (SRS) customizable to my business needs?

Absolutely, you can customize SRS parameters to align with your specific brand protection requirements and priorities.