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Automatically find and remove spoofing sites that take advantage of your brand

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Why does this happen?

Scammers can steal your content and upload it under a fake domain in a matter of minutes for several purposes:

Divert Traffic

Creating ads under the genuine brand name and stealing traffic

Sell Counterfeits

Using look-alike sites that mimic your official website

Commit Fraud

Stealing users’ personal and financial information

Types of spoofing sites

Fake websites attempt to pass themselves as the legitimate channel of one or more brands. They appear in several formats, the most common are:


Selling counterfeit products from various brands illegitimately


Selling your brand and mimicking your
official site

How fake websites impact your business

When someone copies your official website, they put at risk:


  • Increasing complaints
  • Shrinking your value
  • Reducing loyalty


  • Buying low-quality products
  • Sharing sensitive information
  • Becoming fraud victims


  • Reducing traffic
  • Diverting investment
  • Decreasing revenue

We keep your websites safe

Red Points’ anti-spoofing technology scans search engines and domain databases to automatically detect and report fake websites in 3 main steps:


Detect fake websites on:

  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Domain databases



Report takedown right away:

  • Domain registrant
  • CMS platform
  • Server hosting


Stop repeat infringers:

  • Uncover scammer’s identity
  • Leverage data and take legal actions


Red Points in numbers


enforcement success rate on fake websites removal

1-7 days

takedown time

1.000+ clients

from all industries

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