How's COVID-19 impacting online sales? Download our market research
How's COVID-19 impacting online sales? Download our market research

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Detection bots


  • Red Points’ bots are able to scan marketplaces and ecommerce sites 24/7 to identify online infringements
  • We utilize bots specifically designed for major marketplaces and adaptable programs that cover new or niche sites, this ensures both accuracy and complete protection.
  • Red Points’ bots use are part of an advanced keyword monitoring system to detect your assets online.

Increased automation with machine learning


  • Red Points software learns from your detection history and suggests new search terms to widen your scope.
  • The platform recognizes patterns in your enforcement activity and identifies new rules to automate the process.
  • The longer you use the use the platform, the greater the automation and power of the tool.

Asset matching using image recognition


  • Red Points is able to validate or reject hundreds of detections by recognizing your assets inside photos.
  • By using image recognition tech, the platform can process more listings on more sites, while maintaining accuracy, and improve the speed of validation.

Image fingerprinting


  • Red Points’ platform is able to identify if any detected listing is using your images, even if they have been slightly modified.
  • By using image fingerprinting technology, brands can send takedown requests automatically based on the unlawful use of their copyrighted images.

Clustering tech


  • Red Points’ Clustering technology allows you to automatically find out the real infringers behind online counterfeit sellers.
  • By using clustering, the platform can group, filter and match gathered info to reveal the identity and track down counterfeiters.

Performance dashboards


  • Red Points’ platform unifies all the information in one place and creates full reports from the latest brand protection actions.
  • The platform displays all the gathered data in graphs and charts, providing a visual overview of the current brand protection status.
  • Dashboards empowers brands to understand how their products are being sold and protected online, allowing them to take strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist