A technology designed to protect you

Protect your business with machine learning features and
get rid of human errors and ineffectiveness.


Total Detection Thanks to Machine Learning

Red Points matches an advanced keyword monitoring system with image recognition to identify all your assets online.

  • If it’s yours and it’s online, we’ll find it. That’s how we detect infringements in a matter of seconds.

  • Red Points learns from your enforcement history and suggests new detection rules and keyword opportunities.

Rule Out Human Error with Technology

Your settings will tell Red Points which threats should be eliminated automatically. Our system is built to assume all the hard work in brand protection.

  • Don’t let mistakes affect your brand. Never miss an online infringement again.

  • Spend time only in the few cases that really need your attention


Get Alerts for New Opportunities. Act fast!

Maybe abusers just started selling in a new country. Or they’ve been raising prices on a given asset. Red Points’ insight go way beyond brand enforcement.

  • Push notifications will tell you in real-time when it’s time to take action.

  • Turn lemons into lemonade: Use their strategies on the behalf of your business.

Turn Raw Data Into Actionable Intelligence

Get the full picture of all the steps involved in the detection, validation and enforcement of your brand online.

  • Build dashboards with a full overview of your brand protection activity.
  • Filter by date, assets, type of infringements, regions, sellers and others.

Smart & Easy-to-Use

No matter the type of source, asset or infringement, Red Points organises all cases into beautiful, user-friendly cards that are prioritised according to their potential threat to your brand.

  • Manage your brand assets in an organized, task-based workflow.
  • Incredible user experience. No training required.

Eliminate Infringements in a Matter of Hours

Some sources or prices are enough to indicate an infringement. Automatically eliminate them and let our automated enforcement take care of your brand.

  • When validation is needed, Red Points assists you in taking the right decision in a couple of clicks.

  • Get validation and enforcement rules suggestions to make your work even more productive!



See live how machine learning can protect your assets