Our technology

Red Points’ proprietary technology is scalable, so it can detect, monitor and enforce infringements for a single product/title or a complete product/content portfolio while maintaining outstanding efficiency rates.

A technology designed to protect you

Our technology crawls thousands of pages at high speed, looking for infringements that affect your brand and assets.


Machine learning

An automatic learning process by which our technology is able to self-improve by updating the crawler search conditions and efficiency. The system is able to use confirmed infringements to validate different search methods and terms.

Multiple language function

Searching and detecting for infringements in multiple languages from all over the world ensures a worldwide protection service. We are able to focus our strategies on specific regions or languages, depending on the needs of the client.


Enforcement tools

We use both automatic and manual proactive enforcement tools, including e-commerce & marketplace de-listings, DMCA takedown notices, cease and desist letters, search engine de-indexation tools and more.

Automatic procedures

We manage infringement detection and monitoring process automatically with intelligent and scalable frequencies, to ensure proper protection services and bespoke strategies for new product and content launches.


Takedown methods

Our technology allows our experts to escalate enforcement when necessary. Thanks to industry relationships, we can deactivate payment processes through payment service providers or takedown non-compliant sites through the internet service providers when required.

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In-house technology team


Having a dedicated in-house technology team ensures that our technology is always at the cutting-edge and running smoothly to provide the best service.

Research driven

Our R&D team keeps up-to-date with the piracy trends and technical workarounds to ensure that our technology protects your assets at all times on an ever-widening scope.

customer focused

Our team of highly experienced tech engineers make sure that our technology provides clients with a high level service and delivers the results you need.

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How our technology works


1. Detect

The system monitors digital channels such as online auction sites, community forums, social media networks, UGC platforms, cyberlockers, public messaging app groups, direct download sites and audio & video streaming sites. Our analysts guide our technology, ensuring that it cover a large range of sources, and identify new piracy/counterfeiting trends; so we are always at the cutting-edge of brand and content protection.

2. Monitor

Our proprietary technology continuously monitors the Internet 24/7 to detect copyright and trademark infringements. We are able to focus our automatic monitoring on high-risk websites for continuous threat discovery. Our technology is constantly learning and widening its scope to new piracy sites and marketplaces.


3. Document

Our platform collects and logs details such as graphic documentation, price, quality of products available, infringement’s identification, geographic location and language information. The information about each infringement is available in real-time for our clients to evaluate and/or monitor. All our data is easy to export to easy to segment, giving clients the power to see trends and high-risk areas online.

4. Enforce

Our team of legal experts pursue extrajudicial actions so as to remove validated infringements. Customised legal notices or “takedown requests” are created with all the necessary user information and sent to officially notify violators of their illegal activity. This process is then automated and repeated for each violation. Our legal team oversee any takedown requests or notices, ensuring our process always has a strong legal base.


5. Report

Our enforcement services are tightly integrated with our detection technology, enabling close monitoring of removal actions, in real-time. All removal actions are automatically archived in our database for retrieval and reporting. These are fully accessible to our client through our web-based application at any time. Clients’ personal account managers are always on-hand to help navigate the data or provide further insights.

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