Remove unauthorized ads on search engines

Automatically find and take down fraudulent ads targeting your brand in 240+ countries and territories

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Common ad scams

Trademark abuse

Unauthorized use of a brand´s Intellectual Property Rights violating search engine policies

Partner violation

Non-compliant ad partners violating brand agreements

Fraudulent sales

Phishing ads, sellers of counterfeit products, domain abuse, and online fraud

Where to protect your brand from scam ads?

Protect your PPC strategy across top global search engines

The impact of ad scams

Bad actors stealing your traffic through ad scams can leads to:

Consumers at risk

Falling prey of fraud and scammers by losing money, and sharing sensitive information

Poor brand reputation

Directly affected by the bad experience related to the brand

Revenue Loss

By scammers and by more competitors stealing traffic and lowering your sales volumes

How it works

Three easy steps to protect and optimize your branded search traffic:


Identify infringing ads on search engines of your choice


Take action against fraudulent and infringing ads, using built-in workflows


Obtain up-to-date reports of your brand’s PPC landscape

What to expect from Ad Protection

Better customer experience & risk mitigation

Control brand messaging, customer journey, and online safety

Improved campaign performance

Lower cost per clicks, to increase revenue and profitability


Remove noise on search engines and increase traffic to official channels

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