We remove hijackers on Amazon

Automatically find, report,remove and enforce hijackers on Amazon with Red Points

How we remove hijackers on Amazon


Identify hijackers on Amazon and other marketplaces 24/7

Bot-powered search

Scan Amazon for potential hijackers every hour

Photo analysis

Image recognition technology scans photos to identify unauthorized sellers on Amazon

Self-improving detection

Machine learning suggests new rules and keyword opportunities

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Automatically enforce against hijackers on Amazon or review detections and decide

Automation rules

Set up rules that instantly start the enforcement process for Amazon hijackers

Validation cards

Use image cards to validate, pause or discard detected incidents

High-risk shortlist

Prioritize potential infringements that require your attention

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See the impact of your brand protection actions against hijackers

Performance dashboards

Get full visibility into your Amazon brand protection coverage at a glance

Output reports

Measure the impact of your actions through different report templates

Data extraction

Use data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API


The impact of Amazon hijackers

Amazon is a well-known channel for businesses to grow their revenue. However, if left unchecked, it can adversely affect brands in several ways: 

Missing out
on digital revenue

Fall in sales from marketplaces as infringing IP listings divert business

Harmed relationships with partners

Cheap fake products create unfair competition for your authorized distributors

Damaged brand reputation

Distorted user perception and consumers’ health & safety put at risk

We protect your brand from hijacking across
5000+ marketplaces


What is Amazon hijacking?

Amazon listing hijacking happens when an unauthorized seller lists a counterfeit version of your product on the platform. These counterfeit products are usually cheap versions of the actual products your brand produces and sells. It is fairly simple for a bad actor to hijack one of your product listings on Amazon.

It is fairly simple for a bad actor to hijack one of your product listings on Amazon. They simply need to steal your product photos and name and can list their counterfeit in a matter of minutes. Once posted, it can be difficult for consumers to identify the hijacked listing as a counterfeit, and they can be extremely enticing for budget shoppers.

Because these counterfeit products are made with lesser-quality materials, they can usually be sold for far less than your original product. This can entice shoppers who scour the platform for the best deals on products.

How can Amazon hijackers be prevented?

You don’t have to wait for someone to hijack your listing before you protect your brand on Amazon. There are steps you can take to prevent listing hijacking on Amazon before it becomes a problem.

Amazon offers free Brand Protection solutions like Amazon Brand Registry in order to verify your brand and offer additional protection against Amazon listing hijacking. To enroll, you will need a registered trademark for your brand, images of your logo, and additional information to verify the identity of your brand. Once enrolled, it will be far easier to identify, report and remove infringements like listing hijacking when they happen.

How do I remove hijackers with Red Points?

It is important you monitor for listing hijackers on Amazon, but this can be a time-consuming process. As a brand owner, you likely don’t have the time necessary to search for these infringements for every single one of your products. Instead, you can use Red Points´ Amazon Hijacker Removal Service to get automatic alerts that flag potential infringements of your brand on Amazon.

Red Points’ software not only automatically monitors Amazon 247/ for these infringements, but it also alerts you when they happen, so that you can decide what needs to be reported to Amazon immediately. This keeps your brand, reputation and revenue protected and saves you time from doing the hard work yourself.

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