Business impersonation removal

Automatically find and remove brand impersonation cases to prevent online identity theft

Why is business impersonation removal important for brands?

Business impersonation protection software is essential for brands for several reasons.

Consumer safety

Removing such impersonations is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers who might otherwise be lured into making harmful purchasing decisions.

Financial impact

Removing impersonations helps mitigate financial risks and prevents revenue loss from customers being diverted to fraudulent sources.

Brand reputation

Customers who interact with fake accounts or websites may experience negative interactions, eroding trust in the brand.

Techniques used to impersonate businesses

Scammers can impersonate brands using a wide range of deceptive techniques:

Fake websites

Fake websites may use similar domain names, logos, and content to deceive visitors into thinking they are interacting with the real company.

Social media impersonation

Impersonators create fake social media profiles or pages that mimic a legitimate business, brand or public figure.

Trademark infringement

Some impersonators may register domain names or trademarks that closely resemble those of established businesses.


See if someone is impersonating your business

Bot-powered search

Scan social media profiles, websites, and app stores 24/7 with our brand impersonation protection software

Photo analysis

Identify more potential social media impersonation cases and ensure accuracy

Self-improving detection

Get new rules and search opportunities thanks to Machine Learning


Review impersonation infringements fast

High-risk shortlist

Prioritize which potential brand infringements require your attention

Visual cards

Review potential infringements in one impersonation protection solution without missing any detail

Automation rules

Set up rules to automate the enforcement process for brand or business identity theft cases


Take down cases that put your brand at risk

Automatic enforcement

Trigger takedown processes immediately with our impersonation protection software. Obtain an effective removal


Get key metrics, and see the success of your anti impersonation efforts

Data extraction

Export and use data to drive future brand protection actions

How Red Points’ impersonation protection tool helps KEEN fight brand impersonation

Why choose Red Points’ Business Impersonation Removal Services

World-class expertise

When you choose Red Points’ impersonation protection software, you're entrusting your brand's safety to a team with the knowledge and expertise to outmaneuver even the most sophisticated bad actors.

Live reporting

Our brand impersonation tracking and protection platform delivers real-time, accessible custom dashboards, deep seller insights, comprehensive data access with export capabilities, and a robust API for seamless tool integration, enhancing overall efficiency and analysis.

Widest coverage

Our impersonation protection solution casts a wide net, ensuring that we identify and address unauthorized domain usage, phishing attempts, and deceptive websites across a multitude of platforms and domains.

What can your team expect from Red Points’ Business Impersonation Protection and Removal Software

Wei Zhang, Puma

Lawyers & General Counsel 

Red Points’ brand impersonation protection solution provides the legal expertise and proactive measures needed to combat unauthorized domain usage, preventing potential legal disputes and costly litigation.

Ed Rainey, Knockaround

Revenue leaders

Our brand impersonation protection services help protect revenue streams by preventing domain-related issues that can divert potential customers, ensuring your sales and marketing efforts yield optimal results.


C-suite executives 

Red Points’ business impersonation removal software is a strategic choice for executives, as they help maintain brand integrity, minimize risks, and ensure that the organization’s digital footprint remains a beacon of trust and authenticity.

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Our official partnerships and certifications

As a leading industry reporter, with over 4.6M enforcements per year in top platforms, we are official partners and have certifications with: 

Google's Trusted Copyright Removal program

Youtube-Certified Multi-Channel Network


What is business impersonation removal?

Business impersonation removal refers to the process of identifying and eliminating fraudulent or unauthorized representations of a business entity in the digital realm. This practice involves taking actions to remove or disable fake websites, social media profiles, email addresses, or any other digital assets that impersonate a legitimate business. The goal is to protect the business’s brand reputation, intellectual property, and customers from the potentially harmful consequences of impersonation.

Why is business impersonation removal important?

Business impersonation removal is essential for protecting a company’s reputation, preventing fraud, maintaining customer trust, and ensuring the integrity of the brand. It is an ongoing process, as new impersonation attempts may emerge over time. Therefore, businesses should be proactive in addressing brand impersonation issues and implementing measures to deter potential impersonators.

What are the benefits of business impersonation removal for a brand?

Business impersonation removal offers several significant benefits for a brand, as it helps protect the brand’s reputation, intellectual property, and customer trust.

Why is automatic business impersonation removal more effective?

Automatic business impersonation removal service offers several advantages over manual methods, including speed, scalability, consistency, reduced human error, and adaptability. These benefits make automated brand impersonation protection systems a more effective and efficient way to combat impersonation threats in the digital landscape. However, it’s essential to combine automation with human oversight to address complex cases and ensure that automated processes align with business objectives and legal requirements.d legal requirements.

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