Copyright enforcement

Monitor and remove copyright infringement anytime, anywhere

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Actively monitor online copyright infringement anywhere online

Source detection

Copyright protection experts monitor and update sources of piracy daily

Bot-powered search

Crawl linking sites, cyberlockers, apps, social, streaming and P2P platforms and monitor for copyright infringement

Self-improving detection

Machine learning uses your detection history to add new search rules

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Automatically de-index and take down copyright violations

Automation rules

De-index and removal requests are sent instantly using automation rules

Removal follow-up

Copyright monitoring service pursues out-of-court actions to stop further violations

YouTube expertise

As a YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we provide expert copyright monitoring services

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Monitor trends and track down online copyright infringers

Real-time documentation

See detailed search results in the copyright monitoring software right after they are found

Performance dashboards

Quickly understand your copyright protection coverage

Customized reports

Measure the business impact of your copyright enforcement actions with tailor-made reports


Anti Piracy product guide

The Red Points Anti-Piracy product guide will show you just how our solution can greatly improve your brand’s anti-piracy efforts.

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What are copyright violations?

There are various ways scammers and other online users infringe on copyright online. The most common examples of copyright violations to watch out for include:

Stolen copyrighted material
Original photographs are protected under copyright law but are some of the easiest forms of content to replicate. Stolen pictures and graphics are uploaded by thousands of users on social media platforms.

Text infringement
Any content you write and post online can be copied and infringed upon online, which is especially dangerous in scam cases. Scammers can copy text from existing brand’s websites to create spoof websites and impersonation accounts that defraud consumers.

Illegal movie & music streaming
Scammers upload music and movies and make them available for free on illegal sites. This is a huge problem for the music and movie industries, who lose millions in revenue every year due to illegal streaming.

What’s a copyright monitoring and enforcement service?

Monitoring domains, marketplaces, and social media platforms every day is the only way to catch scammers before they damage your brand’s bottom line and hard-earned reputation. However, manually monitoring these channels at all times is impossible for an individual alone. Red Points copyright monitoring and enforcement software takes the pain away from brands and makes it possible to automatically detect copyright infringement of your assets online.

Our monitoring software uses Artificial intelligence to offer the best protection on the market for your copyright material and makes it easier and less time-consuming to deal with infringements.

How do DMCA enforcement work?

If you have ever tried to take down an infringement of your copyrighted assets online, you will know that submitting a DMCA takedown request refers to the process of formally reporting a copyright infringement online.

The DMCA enforcement process always depends on where and how the infringement of your copyright is being made. If, for example, an independent website is infringing on your copyright materials, a DMCA request can be submitted to takedown the entire website.

If, however, you find an infringement on a marketplace, you will be required to follow the platform’s specified process to report and take down that particular seller. Every marketplace has a slightly different reporting system making it difficult for brand owners to scale the process of reporting and enforcement of copyright infringements without a copyright and enforcement service.

Understanding these variations in reporting infringement is essential to properly file a DMCA takedown request and ensure scammers are addressed quickly.

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