MAP Violation Monitoring Software

Monitor MAP violation and alert non-compliant re-sellers to protect your brand and partner network

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How MAP monitoring software works


Monitor MAP violation, discover and track re-seller prices, low stock, and harmful discounts

Map violation monitoring

Site-specific bots scan domains to monitor MAP compliance violations

Automation rules

Define what to detect based on re-seller MAP violation, price compliance, stock, discount or domain

Unknown vendors

Discover unauthorized sellers of your products and protect your partners

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Turn MAP violation incidents into actions, fast

Validation cards

MAP monitoring system assesses incidents in detail with image cards and helps you decide when to act

Seller notifications

Alert non-compliant re-sellers with tailored emails within the MAP monitoring software

User permissions

Decide who in your team can send alerts to your non-compliant re-sellers

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Gain full visibility into how your products are being sold online

Partner analysis

Identify best and worst performers to inform future agreements

MAP monitoring system dashboards

Use up-to-date data to obtain a full overview of potential MAP violations

Data extract

Manipulate data in a way that suits you by exporting it or using our API


Dealing with unauthorized sellers?

Genuine products resold online can erode your brand and distribution network. Here is how you can mitigate gray market problems.

Track down gray sellers with Clustering technology

Automatically match data points from websites, social media profiles, and marketplaces listings to:

Discover unknown sellers
Reveal their
Notify them about sales policies
Ensure a healthy distribution network


What is MAP enforcement?

MAP enforcement occurs in the event when MAP monitoring software detects a re-seller violation of the MAP policy. Although re-sellers and distributors can violate MAP policies, suppliers can penalize them according to the agreed-upon terms, or simply terminate contracts if they do so, since this is not illegal in and of itself. Such sanctions include withholding orders or canceling contracts.

What is a MAP violation?

MAP violations occur when a reseller advertises a product below the price that was agreed upon in the MAP policy agreement. When resellers offer discounts to potential customers in a competitive online retail market where there are many sellers, this can happen. MAP violations increase when non-compliant re-sellers use repricing software that temporarily violates the MAP or automatically lowers prices when the competition does.

How do you monitor and enforce a MAP policy?

Monitoring and enforcing MAP policy automatically can prevent problems before they get out of hand. MAP monitoring services relieve you of the MAP enforcement burden and are more efficient than manual and time-consuming monitoring. 

MAP violations need to be tracked at a large scale, given the sheer amount of online platforms where potential non-compliance can occur. The best way to do so is by working with specialized MAP violation monitoring software and services that can scan large amounts of data across marketplaces, detect mispricing, and notify infringing re-sellers and distributors automatically.

What is MAP monitoring software?

Red Points MAP violation software covers the full range of key features to protect your brand from the risks that arise from MAP violations. Our MAP compliance monitoring software detects non-compliance and notifies sellers automatically. This means market behavior including price changes becomes visible, making it easier for brands to use the data to negotiate future agreements and maximize sales.

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