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Tenga gets rid of 17,000 infringements with Red Points

European Sales Strategist Jo Walda explains why they decided to automate their brand protection

A dangerous market

A look into Tenga's fight against counterfeit


The Tenga case at a glance

The Challenge

Tenga, the sexual health and wellness company, found that fake versions of their products were being sold on several marketplaces, such as eBay and Aliexpress, and even Facebook. Although they tried to solve the problem very early in their history, they were targeting companies in China who have huge factory resources. Thousands of infringements were detected, and it was almost impossible to take them down by themselves.

The Solution

According to Jo, it was very disappointing to see that after they put in all of that hard work for a counterfeit product to destroy their brand reputation. They got in contact with Red Points, since they realised that trying to fix it by themselves was a huge waste of resources, time and money.

The Result

Over the one and a half years that Tenga has been using Red Points’ technical solution, more than 7,000 infringement cases have been detected and more than 6,200 have been removed— representing a success rate of 90%. Counterfeits have been found on more than 15 online platforms, both marketplaces and social media. As Jo says “our sales have grown exponentially, and a big part of that is Red Points”.

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How Red Points helped Tenga put an end to counterfeits

15+ Marketplaces found selling counterfeits
6,200+ Infringing products removed
90% Brand protection effectiveness

Counterfeits damage business, but also customers

For Tenga, their customers are number one, and they study very carefully what their needs are, in order to go above and beyond their expectations. When they first saw a fake they knew they had to fix it or it would damage their reputation, and put in danger the safety of the customer. As Jo says, “anything that could negatively affect the customer’s health should be stamped out as soon as possible”.

“When we see fakes we get worried: we can’t guarantee their quality or their safety to the customer.”


European Sales Strategist at Tenga

A smarter solution to counterfeits

Tenga decided to hire Red Points as they realised that their technological solution was the only option that could ever take down thousands of infringements online. Red Points uses an advanced self-learning technology which automatically detects, reports and removes counterfeits online. As Jo says “I spend just 25 minutes a day going through the counterfeits that Red Points has flagged”.

Delivering clear and visual updates in real-time

Red Points is known for its machine learning capabilities that combine advanced keyword monitoring with image recognition. However, Jo also values the fact that the company’s platform is so easy to use. Even though the sources and prices are sometimes enough to indicate an infringement, in some cases validation might be needed. According to Jo, when this is the case, Red Points assists him in taking the right decision with a couple of clicks.


Tenga was founded in 2005 in Japan by the current founder and CEO Koichi Matsumoto. They are still based in Tokyo and since then it has been a massively popular product both in Japan and globally. They sell high quality pleasure products and products that one can use throughout their sexual health and wellness life.

Industry: Pleasure products
Headquarters: Japan
Used Features: Anti-Counterfeit
Where: Worldwide

“Red Points is the solution for all of the companies in our industry that have a problem with counterfeit products and it’s a health product at the end of the day”.


European Sales Strategist at Tenga

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