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Tenga gets rid of over 6,350 counterfeit products with Red Points


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The Challenge

Tenga, the sexual health and wellness company, found that fake versions of their products were being sold on several marketplaces, such as eBay, Aliexpress, and even Facebook. Although they tried to solve the problem very early in their history, they were targeting companies in China who have huge factory resources. They detected thousands of infringements, and it became impossible to take them down by themselves.

The Solution

For Jo Walda, it was very disappointing to see that after they put in all of that hard work for a counterfeit product to put their brand reputation at risk. They got in contact with Red Points since they realized that trying to fix it by themselves was a huge waste of resources, time, and money.

The Result

Since Tenga has been using Red Points’ technical solution, more than 9,730 infringement cases have been detected and more than 6,350 have been removed. Counterfeits have been found on more than 75 online platforms, both on marketplaces and social media. As Jo says, “Our sales have grown exponentially, and a big part of that is Red Points”.


Tenga was founded in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan by Koichi Matsumoto. Since then, Tenga has been a massively popular product both in Japan and globally. They sell high-quality pleasure products that one can use throughout their sexual life, and they promote a healthy attitude and culture surrounding sex.
Pleasure products industry

“Red Points is the solution for all of the companies in our industry that have a problem with counterfeit products and it’s a health product at the end of the day”


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Jo Walda,
European Sales Strategist at Tenga

A risk to brands’ and consumers’ health

The Japanese company was created to offer high-quality pleasure products and products that one can use throughout their sexual health and wellness life. Their design and the materials they use are pretty much unique in the marketplace. However, it did not take long to discover that a substantial number of counterfeiters were selling copies on more than 15 marketplaces. “It is very disappointing when you put in all of that hard work, for a counterfeit product to destroy our brand reputation and put in danger our customers’ health. Since we do not monitor the quality of fake versions of our products, we can’t guarantee their quality”.

The drain of legal action

When Tenga first saw the counterfeit products online, they tried to solve the problem by taking them down one by one. However, they realized it was like a virus, and by the time they squashed one, hundreds more popped up in the same place. They considered asking for legal action, but they knew it would be a time-consuming process. They came across Red Points and decided it would be a good time to implement their service and get results before they lost their reputation once and for all.

The ROI of brand protection

Tenga hired Red Points because they saw there were thousands of counterfeits goods, and they could barely take a fraction of them down. They were worried about their business, but also about customers, since they couldn’t guarantee the quality and safety of the fake product. Later on, with Red Points’ technological solution, they realized that they could have lost significant amounts of money if they hadn’t confronted this situation in time. Jo explains that thanks to Red Points, Tenga has accomplished one of the most important goals for a company: exponential growth.

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