Time’s up for counterfeiters

How Red Points’ technology helped The 5TH fight fakes online


Infringing platforms and marketplaces


Infringing products removed


Brand protection effectiveness

The challenge

By the time The 5TH realized they had a problem with counterfeits, almost 10,000 fake products had already been sold online. Having no experience dealing with counterfeits before, they decided to take matters into their own hands. However, for a team of only 12 members, that meant almost half of their staff had to constantly look online for infringements. This process, besides being mostly ineffective, took a lot of their time and resources.

The solution

After taking notice of their case, Red Points contacted The 5TH, offering a way out to their problem. Unlike traditional methods that can be expensive and time-consuming, our scalable, digital solution is able to automate counterfeit detection and removal, making it the most effective and efficient option in the market. Our web-based dashboard allows clients to see every step of the process in real time.

The result

In just 3 months since working with Red Points, The 5TH has been able to eliminate over 3,000 infringing listings from different websites and social media platforms, keeping $600,000 out of the hands of counterfeiters with these cases alone. Instead of having to worry over counterfeits affecting their brand, the team can now focus on what really matters: offering beautiful, affordable timepieces to the public.

The 5TH

Convinced that life is nothing but experiences, The 5TH offers a variety of lifestyle products online, ranging from watches to sunglasses and accessories. Since its beginnings in 2014, the Melbourne-based brand has grown to become a reference in fashion, with stylish and affordable pieces.

Fashion industry
Melbourne, Australia

Fashion industry

“Their response time in dealing with counterfeits and taking down these sites and imposter products is quite extraordinary. We just think it’s the best possible solution”

Alex McBride,
Founder of The 5TH

The 5th story

We’ve all heard that cheap things turn out to be expensive. However, the founders of The 5th believe that good quality products don’t have to break the bank. That’s why they decided to change that perception by selling high end watches at an affordable price. The company, which was first created in 2014 over a phone call between two friends, was born with the intention of connecting people with the one thing we all share: time. According to its founder, Alex McBride, their goal is to create a community based on experiences, as they believe watches are functional and physical reminders to make the most out of every moment.
What has made this brand so successful is their curious business model, which is based on the principles of scarcity and exclusivity. They work with talented creators that collaborate in the
elaboration of each piece and sell limited stock on their website on the 5th of each month. By doing so, they build demand and release their pieces for a limited amount of time.
This uniqueness has allowed The 5TH to take the fashion world by storm and to branch out into a lifestyle brand with different products. However, this has also caught the attention of counterfeiters seeking to profit from their hard-earned success.

Getting rid of illegal competition

The 5TH’s business model is simple; if a product is limited, people will want it more. But when people couldn’t get the product they wanted for 25 days of the month, they started looking elsewhere online. Some were snared by counterfeiters, who were using a multitude of websites and channels to offer fake versions of the popular watches. Alex McBride told us that by the time they realized they had a counterfeit problem, over 10,000 fake units had already been sold online.
“That’s really hard to stomach for our business because these aren’t our products. We can’t control that experience, how that product wears, how that’s packaged, or where it comes from”.

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