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Common social media infringements

Social media infringements are a growing problem that affects thousands of brands across a number of platforms in various ways:

Fake profiles impersonating a brand by using trademarks or copyrighted material

Fake social media ads passing as legitimate brands online

Counterfeit goods sold via private groups or fake profiles

The consequences of social media infringements

Social media has become one of the main channels for scammers to redirect users to their sites, steal sensitive information or sell counterfeits. These scams can quickly damage businesses if not addressed properly.

Missing out
on revenue

Fall in sales as fake social media ads or posts divert business

Stolen customer

Data breach concerns due to stolen credentials, login info or private data

Damaged brand reputation

Loss of customer trust and associated health & safety risks

We protect your brand on social media platforms globally

How Red Points works

Red Points has developed a unique workflow to detect and enforce IP infringements on social media in 3 main steps:


Identify potential infringements on social media

  • Our bots crawl all social media platforms every 8 hours
  • Machine learning makes the search more accurate every time



Instantly start the enforcement process 

  • Our AI identifies what is infringing your intellectual property
  • The system requests takedowns automatically


See the impact of your brand protection actions

  • Get performance dashboards and reports
  • Calculate the economic impact of your actions


What to expect from social media protection

By proactively detecting and removing infringing listings on social media, you can drive positive results for your business

Happier customers

  • Fewer customers’ complaints
  • Stronger brand loyalty

Do more in less time

  • Focus on your core tasks
  • Invest just a few minutes

Stronger reputation

  • Regain consumer trust
  • Prevent negative reviews

Most of the infringing listings we see are on Facebook & Instagram. The sheer volume of counterfeits on social media is staggering.

Shelley Swallow

Director of Trademark & Copyright Compliance at Beautyblender

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